A Goldendoodle is a great dog to bring into your family. They are friendly, like to play with everyone, and have a great temperament that will get along with everyone in the family. They are also an intelligent dog who likes to please their owners. But with all of these good traits, you may wonder whether the Goldendoodle is a good hunting done.

Your Goldendoodle can be a good hunting dog, as long as you breed them for this. They are a mixture of two pure breeds and both of those breeds offer qualities that will help them create success when it comes to hunting. Their physical, mental, and emotional buildings will help them to be a good hunting dog for your needs, you just need to provide them with the right training first.

Let’s take a closer look at the Goldendoodle to learn a little bit more about this breed and to see just how it can be one of the best hunting dogs for your needs.

Can Goldendoodles Be Good Hunting Dogs?

The Goldendoodle can be a good hunting dog. They have many of the skills from their parents along with the energy levels to see success when they go out hunting with their owners.

They also have a lot of the intelligence and resilience that are necessary when it comes to doing some of the tasks necessary during hunting.

The size of your dog will be a big factor to consider when it is time to take them hunting. If you have a small or a miniature Goldendoodle, then they will probably not do the best job when it comes to hunting. The larger breeds here will do a better job.

The type of hunting you decide to do with the Goldendoodle will play a large part as well.

Keep in mind that each dog is unique, no matter what their breed, and there are a lot of factors that will help decide if they are a good hunting dog or not.

The temperament and the personality of your dog can help to determine the interest, skill, and success when it comes time to start hunting with them.

For those who are looking for a smart and skilled dog that has a good background in hunting, the Goldendoodle does come with a lot of potential that you are sure to enjoy as well.

Whether the dog will do well when it is time to go hunting with you can depend on their temperament, their age, their size, and how well you are able to train them along the way as well.

You do need to start training your Goldendoodle as early as possible if you would like to help them become a good hunting dog. Some will do better than the others when you get them starting.

Some may excel at a certain type of hunting compared to the other ones. Hunting waterfowl seems to be a favorite option for a lot of Goldendoodles, so this could be a good place to start with your dog.

Starting them with hunting early on can help get them accustomed to all the parts of hunting and can make it easier for them to enjoy the sport when they go out with their owners.

What Qualities Make a Goldendoodle a Good Hunting Dog?

To become a good hunting dog, you need to find a dog that has a lot of unique strengths and characteristics to get it done. Some of the best strengths for hunting include:

A dog that has a lot of these characteristics will be able to go out hunting and find a lot of success with it. Physically, the Goldendoodle has a lot of stamina and can run and play all day without getting tired.

They are resilient and will keep trying out something new and they love nothing more than being outside and having fun. They even have the right fur and body to get through all the hunting that you need for them.

The Goldendoodle is an intelligent dog who takes to training well while having the right personality, mindset, temperament, and focus to learn all the skills that are necessary to become a good hunting dog.

When we look at the emotions of the Goldendoodle, they are easily able to form close bonds with their owners, which makes them do well when it is time to go out hunting.

You do need to train the Goldendoodle though before you jump right in. While they are a good dog for hunting, they do not come by this naturally.

With a little bit of time and training, your Goldendoodle will be ready to go after anything that you would like and may enjoy spending hours out hunting with you.

What Would Make the Goldendoodle Bad for Hunting?

As we saw above, there are a lot of characteristics of the Goldendoodle that would make them a great hunting dog. But not all Goldendoodles do a great job when it comes to hunting. One of the main reasons to not use a Goldendoodle for hunting is because of the fur.

They can easily get matted when they get wet and it is not uncommon to find lots of burs when you take them out into the woods. Compared to some of the other hunting dogs available, the fur will require more work for the Goldendoodle when you come back from the trip.

If the Goldendoodle is older or in bad health, then it is not a good idea to take them hunting with you. Older dogs may not have the strength or stamina to keep up with the hunting expedition any longer and this can cause a lot of injuries as well. And when a dog is in poor health, they will not be able to do the tasks that you would like.

Sometimes it is more the temperament of the dog as well. Most Goldendoodles love to spend time with their owners and have a lot of fun hunting. Others are not going to be that fond of it and may refuse to learn some of the tips and tricks that they need as a hunting dog. It often depends on the individual dog.

For the most part, your Goldendoodle is going to do a great job when it is time to go hunting. If this is what you would like to do with your dog, you need to train them on the tasks as early as possible to get them conditioned for the new task.

But most can learn quickly and will have fun with you when it is time to go out hunting.

What Size Goldendoodle Should be a Hunting Dog?

Do not take out a small Goldendoodle to go hunting with you. They may not be able to keep up with all of the work and can wear out too quickly. It is a much better idea to take a standard or a large-sized Goldendoodle with you.

You need to be aware of the size of the dog before you get started. The larger Goldendoodles can last longer and cover more area when they are out hunting with you.

What Type of Hunting Can My Goldendoodle Do?

Goldendoodles tend to love all types of hunting that are available to them. However, if you have to choose just one to do with your dog, then hunting waterfowl is a great choice to go with.

Because of the hybrid kind of background that comes with the Goldendoodle, they seem to have a strong sense for hunting waterfowl. This was what this breed was good with in the past, so your current Goldendoodle is likely to be the same way.

There are many types of hunting that you can try with your Goldendoodle and they will most likely excel and have a lot of fun. However, many seem to prefer hunting and retrieving waterfowl.

If you want to hunt with your Goldendoodle but you are not having success with some of the other forms, then it is time to try out waterfowl hunting and see how quickly your dog can catch on to that.

Hunting with your Goldendoodle.

Your Goldendoodle could be a great companion to enjoy when it is time to go hunting. While you will need to take the time to teach them how to hunt and get them trained, you will find that they are really good at it and like to spend time with their owners.

Just be aware that sometimes the fur can get matted and extra burs in it with the Goldendoodle compared to other hunting animals so you need to be prepared to clean that out after a fun hunting trip.

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