My Favorite Goldendoodle Resources

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Everybody has their favorite things… just ask Oprah!

Okay, I am not Oprah but after 30+ years of having dogs and more than 5 years with a Goldendoodle, I am creating this page for those who want to make life easy.

If you are tired of wasting money on items that just don’t cut it, this page was created especially for you.

I’ve used and recommend every item on this list so you can be confident it has passed the test of time and experience!

Goldendoodle puppy food

$25.30 ($0.26 / Ounce)
This is the dog food brand Lexie liked best as a puppy!

Best Brushes For A Goldendoodle

This one is near and dear to my heart. You see, Lexie is a wimp. She whimpers at the sight of a brush. Thankfully, she lets us use all three of these brushes without (much) a fuss.

The wet brush, she actually likes and lets me use it as much as I like. She tolerates the other two brushes, but they are a necessity with a Goldendoodle.

$15.60 ($7.80 / Count)
Hands down this is the best brush you can buy for daily brushing of your Goldendoodle. This is the only brush Lexie lets us routinely use without a fuss!
This is the top of the line when it comes to features on a slicker brush. It's the best selling item for a reason. It gently removes loose undercoat, mats, and tangled fur. It's okay to buy a less expensive slicker brush, but this one is a crowd favorite!
All Goldendoodles get matted fur from time to time. This is the best tool I have found to get matted fur out with as little fuss as possible.


I'm a life long lover of dogs. Since I was 2 years old I've had retrievers, mixes, and currently, a Mini Goldendoodle named Lexie. I converted my wife into a dog lover and my two daughters are as well. Our doodle Lexie was the inspiration for this website because after we got her everyone wanted to know more. There is a ton of information on the web, but I feel most of it was not from the perspective of a Goldendoodle owner.

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