Is your Goldendoodle constantly licking themselves or something in the house.  There are many reasons that your dog may constantly be licking. There are somethings that you can do at home to help get them to stop licking.  Many times this is due to your Goldendoodle being bored and can easily be treated with just more attention and exercise.

13 most common reasons that your Goldendoodle may be licking things obsessively

  1. Something is itching
  2. Something is hurting them
  3. They are grooming themselves
  4. They are hungry
  5. They are thirst
  6. There is an issue in their mouth
  7. They are nauseated
  8. They have a medical issue (cognitive issues)
  9. They are bored or stressed
  10. They need attention
  11. They are playing
  12. They are showing you that they love you
  13. There is something on the floor

Why Is my Goldendoodle licking things obsessively?

Many times, your Goldendoodle obsessivity licking things can become very frustrating.  Once you figure out why they are doing this, it is easier to fix. 

These are some of the 13 most common reasons that your Goldendoodle may be obsessively licking.

Something is itching

If your dog is itching, they may be licking at this area.  Your dog cannot reach certain areas for scratching, such as their legs and feet.  They will commonly lick these areas to help stop the itching.

Something is hurting them

If your dog has a hurt paw or leg, they may lick this area. This is their way of soothing this area and helping comfort them during this painful time.  

You can figure out what is hurting them by gently pushing where they are licking.  If they are licking their feet, make sure to look in between their toes, as this is a common site for something to get stuck.

Why Do Dogs Lick Things Obsessively?

They are grooming themselves

Some dogs will groom themselves like cats. They will constantly lick themselves to keep their fur clean.  If they have a cut on their body, they may also lick this area to keep it clean and help prevent any infections.

Some dogs will even lick other dogs or cats in the house.  This is their way to nurture them or show affection to other pets in the house.

They are hungry

If your dog is hungry, they may constantly lick their food bowl.  Some dogs just love to eat and are not hungry, and they will figure out that if they lick their bowl that you will put food in there. 

You will have to determine if your dog is hungry or just wants more food in its bowl.

They are thirst

Just like with their food bowl, a dog may lick their water bowl if it is empty.  They may even lick other things in the house if they need water.

There is an issue in their mouth

If your dog has an infected tooth or another issue in their mouth, they may constantly lick.  They may lick their feet or just lick into the air. 

If you look in their mouth, you can see if they have an infected tooth or stick stuck in their mouth.  Your vet can help remove any infected tooth or stick stuck in their mouth.

They are nauseated

If a dog is nauseated, it may be drooling and licking things obsessively.  This can help calm their stomach and keep them from vomiting. 

If your dog is nauseated, it would be best for your dog to see a vet.  Your vet can prescribe them anti-nausea medication to help calm their stomach. 

They have a medical issue

As a dog gets older, they can develop dementia.  This can cause your dog to have a lot of anxiety.  They may start to lick things during this time. 

They are bored or stressed

If your dog is bored, they may lick themselves, the couch, their bed, or even the carpet or wall.  This helps keep them calm and gives them something to do.

If the boredom continues, they may become stressed and start destroying things in your house.

They need attention

If your dog wants attention, they may lick obsessively.  Many times, this gets your attention, and you will give them the attention that they want. Usually, spending a little more time with them will help them not lick as much.

They are playing

Some dogs will lick things when they are playing.  They may lick their toys or even you and other pets they are playing with. 

Some toys have an area that you can put treats.  There may be some leftover treats in these toys that your dog is licking. 

They are showing you that they love you

Some dogs will lick you.  This is their way of showing you that they love you. 

You may not constantly want dog drool on your face, but they may be licking you to show affection.  They may lick your hands after you eat, especially if they smell something yummy on your skin.

There is something on the floor

If your dog is licking the floor, you may have dropped a crumb of food that they are licking up.  Your dog’s nose is very sensitive and can find even the smallest crumb.

Keeping your floor clean and vacuuming your carpet will help prevent your dog from constantly licking your floor.

How do I stop my dog from excessive licking?

Depending on why your dog is licking, you can teach them not to obsessively lick things. These are something that you can do to help

  • Take them for a walk: Many dogs are licking because they need more exercise.  If your dog is not allowed to run and play, they will start to randomly lick things in the house.  If you notice your dog licking, take them on a long walk. 
  • Make an appointment with your vet: If you think that there is a medical reason that they are licking, such as a bad tooth or something stuck in their mouth, it would be best for your vet to see them.
  • Give them toys to play with: Many dogs lick because they are bored. Give them some puzzle toys or other dog toys to play with.  This will keep them active and less likely to want to lick excessively.
  • Use no lick sprays: Using no lick sprays such as bitter apple or bitter orange can deter them from licking these areas.  Unfortunately, this may not be something that you want to put on your furniture.
  • Use a Cone of Shame: Sometimes, you have to use a cone of shame to get them to stop licking.  Usually, after your dog is wearing this for a week or two, you have broken the habit of them licking and can take the cone off.
13 Reasons Dogs Obsessively Lick - Vet Tells How To Fix It! 1

Final Thoughts

If your dog is constantly licking themselves or something in the house, try to figure out what is causing these behaviors. 

Once you have realized why they are licking, you can start to train them to stop licking.  Many times, giving your dog attention, a little extra exercise, and something to do will stop them from lick. 

If you are still not having any luck getting your dog to stop licking, it would be best for your dog to see your vet.  They can help you make sure that there is not anything medically wrong with your dog. 

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