If you love getting out to the beach, swimming in the lake on the weekend, or just love having backyard pool parties, you’re probably looking for a dog that matches your lifestyle.

Some dogs love the water while other breeds want nothing to do with water. 

If you’re considering a Goldendoodle, you may be wondering if this is a breed that likes the water.

Do Goldendoodles Like Water?

Goldendoodles usually do like water. Goldendoodles are a crossbreed between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, both of which have historically been bred for water retrieval. While each dog will have their likes and dislikes, most Goldendoodles should love playing and swimming in water.

Both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, as well as their Goldendoodle puppies, love water.

The Goldendoodles breed background from these two purebred dogs is that of a hunting dog that loves to retrieve and swim in the water.

Their bodies are designed for this type of activity due to their breed background. 

They have webbed feet that make swimming and water play safer and easier for them, allowing the Goldendoodle to tread water faster and swim better.

How can I ensure that my Goldendoodle puppy will love the water?

The best way to ensure that your Goldendoodle puppy will love the water as an adult is to provide early exposure to the water at a young age.

Taking your puppy to the lake so they can stick their paws in the water or providing a kiddie pool in the backyard for them to investigate can be a positive way for them to experience the water in a non threatening way.

While the Goldendoodles breed background will likely have them jumping right into the water as most are naturally drawn to it, one can never assume this to always be true. Some Goldendoodles may decide that they aren’t particularly fond of it in the beginning or take a slower approach to learn about water fun.

Offering early exposure provides the best possible chance that a Goldendoodle puppy will enjoy water activities including swimming. These experiences no matter how successful should always be positive and they should never be forced to participate in any activities that the puppy is hesitant to do.

Toys can be tossed into the water, whether lake or kiddie pool and will allow the puppy to experience all the fun they can have in the water when they choose in a natural and fun way.

It can also be helpful for the pet parent to play some fun games tossing a ball into the water so they can fetch it. This can ease a nervous puppy’s fear and help them feel safe and relaxed.

Pet parents who love the water can also show their Goldendoodle puppy how much fun they have by splashing around and laughing and having a good time while experiencing all that they can do in the water.

When the pet parent is doing something fun, the Goldendoodle puppy is more likely to participate in the activity.

All these tips can make any reluctant puppy, even a Goldendoodle puppy, eager to join in the fun.

Do Goldendoodles Like Water? 1

How do I keep my Goldendoodle safe while playing in or around the water?

The best way to keep your Goldendoodle safe while playing in and around the water is to watch them and be nearby while they play.

Due to their breed background, Goldendoodles will naturally have a love for the water. They also have a natural affinity for swimming for this same reason, it’s often like breathing and eating for them it comes so naturally.

With web-like feet that come from their Golden Retriever parent, they have an easy time maneuvering through the water and can often swim faster.

Because of this, many pet parents may think they don’t have to pay attention to their dogs when they’re playing in or around the water. 

This, however, is not the case as issues can still arise at any time.

Therefore, it is always best to keep a close eye on your Goldendoodle to ensure they don’t have issues while swimming or playing in the water.

This can easily be done while you are swimming or enjoying the water or a sandy beach.

Once they return and are done swimming, it is also essential to ensure they are healthy too. 

Goldendoodles run the risk of having ear infections from water getting trapped in their ears.

Once they’re done swimming dry them off and do a thorough inspection of their ears to ensure that they are clean and dry. 

This can reduce the likelihood that they will end up with an ear infection later.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of treats or snacks on hand for your Goldendoodle, as well as plenty of fresh water for when playtime is over.

Using water brought from home or store-bought is the only option that should be given for them to drink as water found in lakes, ponds, rivers even swimming pools can be unhealthy for your dog to consume.

Bacteria parasites and chemicals can all be present this the water, which can make your Goldendoodle sick.

Drying your Goldendoodle off thoroughly to prevent a chill if the weather is a little cooler outside the water and applying sunscreen periodically on hot, sunny days can prevent other problems while they are enjoying some water playtime.

Even though your Goldendoodle is a really good swimmer and was made for the water, it can be helpful and bring peace of mind to the pet parent if your dog wears a life-saving vest.

These vests protect the dog if they get tired while in the water but provide added protection for unforeseen events that can happen.

Having a dog first aid kit on hand is a must and knowing the weather conditions while outdoors and letting your Goldendoodle enjoy the water are a must.

In Conclusion

Goldendoodles adore water, and while some may be reluctant at first, it is doubtful that this will always be the case as their breed background dictates otherwise.

Their bodies were designed for these activities and their natural instincts will usually take hold, and it is likely that the Goldendoodle won’t want to come out of the water or end the fun.

Because of this, don’t be surprised if your Goldendoodle starts to think it’s time to play every time you water the plants!

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