Do Goldendoodles Have a Double Coat?

Yes, Goldendoodles have a double coat. As a result, doodles are highly susceptible to severe and painful matting. It is imperative you groom your Goldendoodle on a regular basis.

If you want to give your Goldendoodle the perfect summer haircut then start with acquiring the necessary tools to give them a gentle brushing that won’t hurt them, and make sure you watch some training videos on how to properly cut their hair.

It could take a couple tries to get it perfect, but as long as you’re practicing safety first when cutting your Goldendoodle’s hair, that’s the most important thing. 

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Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts 

Do Goldendoodles need haircuts? Yes. It’s recommended for Goldendoodles to get a haircut on average, every six weeks.

This will not only keep them looking much better overall, but it will also keep your Goldendoodle’s fur from matting easier, which will happen when they have longer coats.

Goldendoodles need a haircut on average, every six weeks. In the winter you might be able to let it go for a week or two longer depending on how cold it gets where you live, but never let it go more than eight to ten weeks without giving them a trim. 

If you’re not sure when to give your Goldendoodle puppy its first haircut, we suggest giving your pup its first haircut by the time it reaches six months of age. Their wavy, thicker, adult fur will start replacing their fluffy puppy fur around five to seven months. When cutting your dog’s hair, you can either take them to a groomer (which can become very costly) or you can do it yourself. 

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If you do decide to give your dog a haircut, make sure that you’re trimming clean and fully dry fur. You’re going to want to make sure that you detangle and demat any fur you can find, and it’s recommended to give them a bath if their fur has a lot of mats in it before cutting their hair, but not necessary if you’re constantly keeping good upkeep on your dogs fur coat. Since they have thick coats, you can use a blowdryer (make sure it’s not too loud, as that can be very scary and frightening to them). Letting their coat dry may take up to two hours, but it’s important that you cut fully dry hair. 

When trimming their fur, you should cut the length anywhere from one and a half to two inches above their skin. Always remember to trim away the hair blocking the dog’s ear canal; they have big floppy ears where moisture can sometimes be harder to get rid of and that makes a great environment for bacteria to grow, and they can easily get ear infections if not properly groomed. 

Since their hair can grow so long, trimming the hair around their eyes so they can see better will be something you want to do as well as targeting inside their ears. It’s crucial not to ever stick trimmers or anything else inside their ear canals.

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