Goldendoodles Exercise: Everything you need to know – by Dr. Sara Ochoa

Goldendoodles were bred to mix the excellent temperament and sweet nature of Golden Retrievers with the highly intelligent and allergy-free coat of the Poodle into one wonderful crossbreed dog.

The result of this breeding usually has the best of both breeds but is usually packed with a lot of energy! You are probably wondering how you will harness all this energy and get them the exercise they need and really look forward to.

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How Much Exercise Does My Goldendoodle Need?

How much exercise does my Goldendoodle need? How much exercise a Goldendoodle needs depends on their size, age, and personality. Goldendoodles will need the most exercise when they are 9 months old, about 45 minutes twice a day. Puppy, adult, and senior Goldendoodles need less exercise than that.

If you have a fenced-in backyard, it is very easy for your Goldendoodle to get the amount of exercise that they need as they can spend all the time that they want playing in their backyard. 

People who must take their dogs out for a walk each day will need to consider all these factors when making an exercise schedule for you and your Goldendoodle

Factors Affecting How Much Exercise Your Goldendoodle Needs

The Size Of Your Goldendoodle And Their Exercise

Not all Goldendoodles are the same size.  A standard Goldendoodle is around 45 to 50 pounds, whereas a mini Goldendoodle can be 10 to 15 pounds as an adult. 

Even though a mile is the same no matter the size of your dog, a smaller dog will have to take 2 to 3 times the number of steps as a larger dog. 

Remember this when taking your small Goldendoodle or even Goldendoodle puppy for a walk. They will not be able to walk as far or as long as you because they have to take more steps than you do. 

The Size Of Your Goldendoodle And Their Exercise

The next thing you need to consider is the age of your Goldendoodle.  Goldendoodle puppies, during their first two years of life, will need more exercise time than older Goldendoodles.  

How Much Exercise Does A Goldendoodle Puppy Need?

As puppies, try to take them out for at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise two to three times a day.  

This can be extended time to play when you take them out to the bathroom or can be a long walk a few times a day. 

As your Goldendoodle ages, the type of exercise time will change from playing catch and running in the park to a short easy stroll around the block.

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Your Goldendoodle is very energetic and will need to be let out for exercise and play every day. Most vets will recommend about 5 minutes of exercise for every month of age twice a day.

Goldendoodle Puppy Exercise Needs By Age Chart

Age of GoldendoodleDuration of ExerciseFrequency of Exercise
3 Month Old Goldendoodle15 Minutes of ExerciseTwice a Day
6 Month Old Goldendoodle30 Minutes of ExerciseTwice a Day
9 Month Old Goldendoodle45 Minutes of ExerciseTwice a Day

All this exercise can cause problems with your Goldendoodles’ joints.  Try to teach them to keep all their feet on the floor when they are running and playing.

If they love to jump, try to limit them from jumping on and off furniture, couches, beds, stairs, and other high surfaces. This repetitive high-impact motion can cause lots of problems and can damage their developing joints

What are suitable types of exercises for a Goldendoodle puppy

Your Goldendoodle puppy will learn about the world around them and find out their part in the world through play. They will learn what things are good to play with and which things get them into trouble.

Correct puppy etiquette is usually learned through play, as well as cause-and-effect relationships, such as if I put my toy in my water bowl, it gets wet. 

Other than a short walk around the block, there are many things that you can do to make sure that your Goldendoodle puppy is getting enough daily exercise without risking permanent injury to their little body.  By just playing with your Goldendoodle puppy, they will usually get plenty of exercise. 

Goldendoodle Puppies Love Playtime!

How often and what kinds of activities should you play with your Goldendoodle puppy? These are some fun games that you can play with your Goldendoodle puppy that will help keep them safe yet let them burn off some of their energy.

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  • Hide and seek: Games such as hide-and-seek will provide a great workout for you and your puppy and will also mentally stimulate them as well.
  • Fetch: A slow version of fetch is also appropriate. Do not throw the ball very far or play until they drop from exhaustion.
  • Tug-of-war: Tug-of-war is always a lot of fun, but remember to let your puppy do all the tugging.  If you pull too hard, you can hurt your Goldendoodle puppy.  You will just hold the other end of the rope toy and enjoy watching them exert all their little might into pulling that toy out of your hands. Make sure to let your Goldendoodle puppy occasionally win to boost their confidence.
  • Wrestling: Gentle wrestling matches are a normal occurrence among littermates.  Recreating this game with your Goldendoodle puppy will give them a great way to play. Remember that most puppies are always testing their limits.  If your Goldendoodle puppy becomes a little too rambunctious or biting during wrestling, you need to teach them that this is not acceptable behavior.

Puppies are great at letting you know when they have had enough.  You will notice them lying down to rest, overall slowing down or panting. 

This is the time that they need a break.  Some puppies will even refuse to continue playing or walk away when they are tired. 

The younger your Goldendoodle puppy is, the more time they will need to rest after playing. 

Goldendoodle puppies should dictate what exercise and for how long you do them.  These are a few suggestions of great activities and not-so-good activities to do with your Goldendoodle Puppy

Good Exercises for Goldendoodle Puppies

  • Walks around the block on a leash.  Make sure that this is at a slow enjoyable pace. 
  • Playtime in the backyard with some toys.  Let your Goldendoodle run and play while you are having fun with them!  Sometimes they can get too excited.  Try to keep them calm. 
  • Play a fun game of fetch or tug of war.  This is a great way to get in some exercise with your Goldendoodle puppy

Bad Exercises For Goldendoodle Puppies

  • Long jogs or bike rides for any significant length might be too much for a small puppy.  Do not make your Goldendoodle try to keep up with you; go at their pace.
  • Long runs and very vigorous playtimes at the puppy stage may be too much for your Goldendoodle.
  • Climbing stairs, hills, or very long stretches of strenuous activity.  During these activities, you will need to watch for signs that your Goldendoodle puppy is okay.
  • Let your dog dictate the intensity and length of your exercise.  Puppies are still growing and developing.  Too much exercise can put a strain on their joints when they are a puppy.

How Often Should I Take My Goldendoodle Puppy for a Walk?

Your Goldendoodle puppy will only need about two short walks a day.  Excessive exercise can actually hurt your puppy’s growing body.

Most Goldendoodle owners want to take their puppies for walks and show them off to their friends and neighbors.  This usually is not the best for your Goldendoodle. 

The Complete Goldendoodle Growth Stages Guide | Written By Veterinarian, Dr. Sara Ochoa

Goldendoodle puppies are very quickly growing.  Their joints and bones are not fully developed.  There are growth plates that are found at the end of the long bones in their legs that are soft and susceptible to injuries. 

Any activity that involves repetitive, jarring movements, such as landing after catching a Frisbee or tennis ball in the air, should not be done until your Goldendoodle puppy is at least 12 months old. 

Other high-impact exercises that can put pressure on their joints, like agility weave poles, should be avoided. It is also best not to force your Goldendoodle puppy to exercise or force them to keep up with you during a bike ride.

Remember that any playtime is considered exercise.  Even going for a walk is exercise. However, not all of your Goldendoodle’s exercise should come from walking.

Playtime is critical for a Goldendoodle puppy’s development and does need to be counted as exercise. Make sure to vary your Goldendoodle puppy’s exercise routine by using both a walk and playtime to meet their daily workout needs.

How Much Exercise Does An Adult Goldendoodle Need?

Your adult Goldendoodle will not demand as much exercise and playtime as a puppy.  Generally, a walk once every day or two is enough exercise for an adult Goldendoodle. They can usually entertain themselves, play with toys, or run around the backyard. 

Taking your adult Goldendoodle for a walk is a wonderful exercise for both you and your dog.  Daily walks should not be the only form of exercise your Goldendoodle receives. Just like people, your dog can grow bored very quickly with the same routine day after day. 

Make sure to spice up his exercise program now and then with some variety. Even changing up the walking route can help keep your Goldendoodle from getting bored.

How Much Exercise Does Your Adult Goldendoodle Need?

Playing games such as fetch, hide-and-seek, Frisbee, and tug-of-war with your adult Goldendoodle are also a great way to give your dog a healthy workout while having a lot of fun at the same time.

Your adult Goldendoodle’s bones will be mature enough to go for a hike on a nature trail or even for a quick swim in the pool or lake. This will really help change their workout routine and liven things up.

There are usually many different jogging and hiking trails that you can take with your Goldendoodle.  These different routes can usually add a bit of variety as well.

Adult Goldendoodles love to be active in different dog sports.  You can look into dog sports such as agility or flyball.  You can easily set up your own version of these courses in your backyard.

Dog sports not only provide plenty of exercise for your Goldendoodle but also provides a lot of mental stimulation that your Goldendoodle will need.

Dog sport can help strengthen the bond between you and your Goldendoodle and give you a fun activity that you both can participate in. 

How Much Exercise Does A Senior Goldendoodle Need?

The amount of exercise you should give your senior Goldendoodle depends on their mobility and general health. You should encourage them to stay active, but you should consciously make sure they play less hard and less often than they did when they were young.

As your Goldendoodle gets older, their mobility is also going to decline. But this does not mean senior Goldendoodle does not need to exercise. 

Keeping your Goldendoodle active can also keep them healthier for longer.  Even though your senior Goldendoodle may not be running as far or playing as long as they used to, there are many things you can do to help keep them healthy and active.  

Goldendoodles Exercise: Everything You Need To Know

Exercising your Goldendoodle will not only help keep their mind active but also help keep them at a healthy weight with a strong body. 

No matter what physical limitation your older Goldendoodle has, there is always something fun that they can be doing to help keep them happy and healthy. These are some common things you can do with your senior Goldendoodle.

Taking A Senior Goldendoodle For A Walk

Your senior Goldendoodle will love going for a walk.  This does not change based on their age.  Walking is a great low-impact exercise that you can do with your older Goldendoodle. 

As your Goldendoodle gets older, you will have to pay attention to the speed that you walk and the weather.  Older dogs are more sensitive to the sudden changes in temperature and usually cannot keep up with the same pace they did when they were a puppy. 

Make sure that the time of day you take your older Goldendoodle will allow them to be comfortable the whole walk.  Early in the morning and later in the afternoon are best for hot summer days, whereas the middle of the day would be best during the winter months. 

When taking your senior Goldendoodle for a walk, the type of terrain that they are walking on will affect their balance.  It is best to walk them on soft surfaces such as grass or sand.  Concrete and gravel should be avoided, especially on a hot day, as the surface could hurt your dog’s paws. 

Monitor your dog during and after a walk.  If your Goldendoodle is stiff after a walk or seems like they do not want to continue the walk, decrease the speed and the distance that you are walking.  Make sure that your Goldendoodle is enjoying their walk and having fun. 

Taking Your Senior Goldendoodle For A Swim

If you have a swimming pool or a lake that you can take your Goldendoodle to for exercise, it will help your older Goldendoodle be able to exercise. 

Swimming is a great way for your senior Goldendoodle to exercise. 

This is a great whole-body workout that is also easy on the joints.   Swimming is an easy and safe way to let your dog strengthen their muscles while still providing comfort to their joints. 

Goldendoodles Exercise: Everything You Need To Know

This is commonly used in physical therapy for dogs who have had major orthopedic surgeries.  There may be a local rehab center that would allow you to bring your dog to their pool for a swim. 

If you do take your older Goldendoodle to the lake, it is best for them to wear a life vest.  They can get out into the deep water and be in trouble before you can get there to save them. 

This is also great for dogs who are not advanced swimmers.  Some dogs are afraid of water and should never be put in a situation where they are scared.  If your dog loves water, swimming is a great way to exercise your senior Goldendoodle.

Other Exercises For Senior Goldendoodles

Walking and swimming may not be your Goldendoodle’s favorite ways to exercise.  There are many other low-impact exercises you can do with your Goldendoodle.

Yoga for dogs and dog Pilates are becoming very popular.  These activities provide a lot of mental and physical stimulation.  There are many local yoga and Pilates places that offer classes for you and your dog.

Your dog can also benefit from many indoor activities.  Dog puzzles or tug of war will help keep your dog entertained and active. 

If your older Goldendoodle is suffering from a medical problem, you will want to make sure that the physical activity that you are doing does not cause any extra stress on these muscles or joints. 

If you need help with exercises for your older Goldendoodle, consult with your vet.  They can give you tips and tricks on how to help strengthen your dog’s muscles.

Always watch your dog while exercising and make sure that they are not overdoing it.  If you notice things are becoming more difficult or painful, do not do it. 

Your Goldendoodle’s Activity Level

Lastly, each Goldendoodle will have their own personality.  Usually, a Goldendoodle is very eager to please you and will acclimate very well to almost any situation.

This makes living your life with your Goldendoodle easy. Goldendoodles tend to love to be around people.  Some Goldendoodles are shy and will take a little bit of time to get used to your lifestyle but usually are very adaptive to any changes you make.

Other Activities For Your Goldendoodle

You will know when your dog wants to exercise.  When you say do you want to go, and they jump right up, they will be ready for exercise.  Also, if your dog does not want to go and just wants to curl up in their bed, do not force them to exercise. 

No matter how much time you and your Goldendoodle are outdoors, make sure that they are supervised.  Goldendoodles can easily find something to get into trouble with. 

These are also a very highly sought-after breed, and a suspicious car could drive by and take your dog from your yard if you are not watching.  Your Goldendoodle is just like a member of your family, so keep a close eye on them. 

Why Does A Goldendoodle Need Daily Exercise?

Your Goldendoodle will need to exercise each day.  You cannot skip a day as people may do with their personal exercise. 

A Goldendoodle is a very energetic breed to keep them in great shape.  These are the reasons why you should exercise your Goldendoodle each day.

  • Prevents obesity
  • Decrease behavioral issues
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Helps strengthens muscles and helps prevent injury
  • Helps aid in proper digestion
  • Provides physical, mental, and social stimulation
  • Improves mobility

Daily exercise can keep your Goldendoodle healthy and happy for many years.

Signs Your Goldendoodle Needs More Exercise

If your Goldendoodle is not getting enough exercise, there are some signs that you can look for.  These signs are:

  • Weight gain: Most Goldendoodles are happy just lying around the house and not outside playing.  Most of these dogs can quickly become couch potatoes if you let them.  If you notice that your Goldendoodle has become lazier and is putting on a few extra pounds, they could benefit from some added exercise time.
  • Destructive Behavior: Destructive behavior is another sign that your Goldendoodle is not getting enough of a workout each day. Because of the Golden Retriever in their breed, a Goldendoodle can start to chew on things that are off-limits, especially when they are bored or frustrated by extra stored energy. Increasing your Goldendoodle’s daily exercise and giving them chew toys, should quickly change this behavior.
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  • Excessive energy: Excessive amounts of energy are a common sign that your Goldendoodle needs more physical activity. Every dog has a certain energy level. Some dogs need more exercise than others do in order to burn off that extra energy. When you let your Goldendoodle out to play, and they explode out the door and wildly dashes around the yard in endless laps, consider adding another walk or increasing the length of the walks that you take your Goldendoodle on.  Also, consider adding another vigorous play session each day.
  • Out of Shape: If your Goldendoodle has trouble keeping up with you on a walk or they get tired very quickly when playing might be out of shape.  It is always best to take them to the vet to make sure that there are no medical issues causing this lack of stamina. If not, your Goldendoodle may just be out of shape.  You can gradually increase the amount of exercise until they are fit once again.

Signs Your Goldendoodle Is Getting Too Much Exercise

Too much exercise can be bad for your Goldendoodle.  While your dog needs to exercise too much can cause some problems.  These are common problems seen with a Goldendoodle who has exercised too much.

  • They are limping.  If your dog has gone for a walk, bike, or hike and is now limping, they may have been exercising too much.  For the next few days, take very short walks or skip them altogether.  This will allow your dog to heal and be able to go for long walks again.  It is best to work up to more strenuous exercises slowly. [Vet Guide To Limping: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures]
  • They do not want to go outside. Your Goldendoodle may just be lazy, but if they do not want to go outside and play, do not force them.  Some dogs are perfectly happy being couch potatoes, and you will have to force them to exercise each day.  If your dog is suddenly refusing exercise, they may have gotten too much exercise for that day
  • They are sick.  If your dog is sick, they will not want to go for a walk.  If you notice anything off with your Goldendoodle, it is best to take them to see your vet. They can make sure that your dog does not have anything serious going on, causing them not to want to exercise.   
  • They are panting. If your dog is panting when you come back in from exercising, they may have overworked themselves.  Some panting is okay, but if they have a hard time cooling down, the next time you take them out, decrease the amount of time that they spend exercising.  Also, if it is summertime and very hot outside, try exercising early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Goldendoodle Exercise Needs

Golden Doodles are a very active and energetic breed.  There are a few different things that you need to consider when taking your Goldendoodle outside for playtime. 

They will need lots of exercise to keep them out of trouble.  While not all Goldendoodles are the same, you will most likely have a Goldendoodle that is very active and need lots of playtime. 

Make sure to expose them to many different activities and figure out which one they enjoy the most.  Daily exercise will help keep your Goldendoodle healthy and happy for years to come. 

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