Does anyone ever think about how to make a Goldendoodle coat shiny?  I know I do, and I bet some of you do as well.  Recently I uncovered some information on how to make their coat shiny and healthy.

Take a quick peek at what I found out.

How do I make my Goldendoodle coat shiny?

You can make a Goldendoodle coat shiny by ensuring that their nutrition and diet is healthy.  Shininess of their coat and how a Goldendoodle appears is directly related to their health.  Good health starts with a nutritious diet that is determined by their veterinarian. 

Offering nutrient dense foods and limiting unhealthy foods and snacks keep them strong and looking their best, including if it will make their coat look shiny. 

Other parts of a Goldendoodles life that help make their coat shiny and healthy include grooming habits

Keeping not only a healthy diet, but also healthy grooming habits ensure that they feel and look their best.  Many tips, tools and products can be used to achieve a shiny coat on a Goldendoodle but in the end diet and nutrition is the foundation of how they will feel and also look. 

Other things that affect their coat and how you can make it shiny include their sleep habits and stress level or environment as well as their personality.  A shiny coat for a Goldendoodle is a direct reflection of their overall wellbeing and health.  This health includes their emotional and mental state of being.

Goldendoodles as well as other dogs must have a healthy nutritious diet to make their coat shiny.   This should be determined by their veterinarian who can best determine which foods are right for them.

Feeding a Goldendoodle this nutritious and healthy diet with a minimum number of other foods including snacks keep their body healthy inside and out, which includes making their shiny coat.

How a Goldendoodle or any dog looks on the outside is a direction reflection of what is going on, on the inside.  Nutrient dense foods, offered in adequate amounts at appropriate times keep them healthy, strong and living a long life as well as giving them a shiny coat.

In addition to a healthy diet which is determined by their veterinarian, grooming habits can play a part in making a Goldendoodle coat shiny.  Like cleaning ourselves and brushing our hair help keep us looking our best, so does grooming for a Goldendoodle.

Having a grooming routine will ensure that this task is performed on a regular basis.  This grooming can include brushing on a daily or every other day schedule to make a Goldendoodle coat shiny.  In addition to brushing, the Goldendoodle will need bathing and trimming periodically which is determined by their groomer and their pet parents.

The environment that a Goldendoodle lives in, their personality and stress level can factor into whether their coat is shiny or not.  If they have a nervous or easily stressed personality this can create negative consequences to their health which can be seen in their coat.  Various stresses in a Goldendoodles life can reveal themselves in a less than shiny coat.

Living in a healthy, positive, peaceful but happy and harmonious environment is beneficial for everyone.  This type of environment fosters all around good health including making a Goldendoodle coat shiny.

This way of life doesn’t mean that a Goldendoodle will never experience stress, but it can reduce the potential for physical issues in their bodies, one of them being an unhealthy and less than shiny coat.

Sleep can also affect whether a Goldendoodle coat is shiny.  If the Goldendoodle doesn’t get enough sleep this is stressful for their body.  As we said before stress on their body will show up in their appearance, including a shiny or not shiny coat.

What should I look for in a dog food to make my Goldendoodle coat shiny?

To make your Goldendoodle coat shiny their veterinarian can determine what foods are best.  Generally speaking, a meat source should be listed as the top ingredient in the dog food you feed your Goldendoodle.

Dogs need protein and lots of it.  Good sources for those who choose to make homemade dog food include fish, chicken, lamb, pork or beef.  Homemade dog foods can include one or a mixture of proteins.

Many people today are thinking of switching their dogs’ diet to vegetarian.  This may be possible since there are numerous vegetarian foods that can be healthy for a Goldendoodle while making their coat shiny.  Consulting with their veterinarian first is the best option since not all dogs thrive on this type of diet.

Animal protein is probably the best choice protein for their diet since dogs are omnivores.  While they can survive on plants and grains their diet should include some meat.  Consulting their veterinarian before switching their diet is necessary since quick food changes can cause digestive issues.

Are there things I should look for in a dog food that make a shiny coat for my Goldendoodle?

Yes, there are things that you can look for in a dog food that can make a shiny coat for your Goldendoodle.  Treats and dog food should contain healthy oils.  Fish oil and vegetable oil have been proven to enhance the appearance of their coat including making it shiny.

These oils can also be added to homemade dog food to make their coat shiny and keep them healthy.

It is always best to consult their veterinarian first before adding any supplement to a Goldendoodle diet to make their coat shiny.  Some dogs have health issues, and certain supplements or additives in their diet potentially causing problems.

What grooming tips and tricks help make a Goldendoodle coat shiny?

The top grooming tip to make a Goldendoodle coat shiny is to brush, brush and brush some more.  Brushing their coat of hair removes dirt, grim and filth while distributing the oils in their coat so it looks shiny.

This routine brushing should be done on a regular daily basis but doesn’t need to also include bathing.  Bathing a Goldendoodle too much will remove those healthy oils they have on their coat which will prevent it from being shiny.

Using the right kind of shampoo when grooming can make a Goldendoodle coat shiny.  It might be helpful to use a shampoo that also contains conditioners in it.  These two in one shampoo that also contain conditioner promote a shiny and soft coat of hair, like they do for our hair.

EDITOR’S PICK: Be sure to read about keeping your Goldendoodle Smelling Good!

How can I promote a stress-free home environment to make my Goldendoodle coat shiny?

You can promote a stress-free home environment to make your Goldendoodle coat shiny as well as keep them healthy, by paying attention to your dog.  Meeting their needs as well as some of their wants can keep them healthy and happy.  Knowing their personality and temperment well will allow for pet parents to make adjustments to situations in their home life that bring out the best in who they are as a dog.

By knowing your dog, you can best understand what triggers stress and therefore help minimize it.  If they are easily stressed by the mailman, finding a way to distract them when he or she delivers mail can help reduce symptoms.

If a Goldendoodle has a hard time unwinding after house guests and doesn’t sleep well.  Spending some time with them after the visitors leave but before bed can help.  This time to relax and be comfortable can help them feel less stressed in the long run by setting the stage for healthy sleep habits.

It doesn’t mean that they are never supposed to get stressed or deal with challenges in their home environment.  No stress or lack of difficulties and challenges can make it harder for them to deal with when they do crop up.

Each dog is unique with what stresses them in their home life as well as how much they can handle and what makes them feel better.  Knowing your Goldendoodle and how best to respond and create a harmonious home life is the best way to remedy an easily stressed dog.  This will help make a Goldendoodle coat shiny when combined with the tips listed above.

How Do I Make My Goldendoodle Coat Shiny?

How much sleep should my Goldendoodle have to keep them healthy and their coat shiny?

The amount of sleep a Goldendoodle should have to keep them healthy and their coat shiny varies from dog to dog.  This amount is determined by their age, health and activity level. 

The most important aspect of sleep for a dog is keeping them on a sleep schedule.  This schedule encourages the best possible sleep regardless of how much each individual dog may require.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to help make a Goldendoodle coat shiny.  Most are directly related to overall health since a shiny coat is a direct reflection of their inner and outer health.

The best way to accomplish this is by providing a nutrient dense diet with lots of protein.  If you do that, they should naturally have that shiny, beautiful coat!

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