Our mini Goldendoodle Lexie has been with us for a few years now, and we love nothing more than spending quality time with her.  With a great personality that is balanced and calm, she loves spending time without daughters playing in our fenced back yard or lounging and watching TV.   We love her small size and the fact that she is so easy to handle and manage.  If we want to do something and take Lexie along, she is easy to handle due to her petite size.  We have spent a lot of time getting to know her quirks, but one area we never explored was her size.  We never bothered to investigate if her weight falls in line with other mini golden doodles.  She does seem on the small side to us at times, but we don’t know how she compares to other mini Goldendoodles.

After a good long walk with Lexie today, I thought I would look this up for myself and hopefully help someone else with my information.

How Much Does A Mini Goldendoodle Weigh?

How much does a mini Goldendoodle weigh?  The mini Goldendoodle can weigh anywhere from 15 to 35 lbs.  This range is a guide, and not all mini Goldendoodles will fit perfectly.  Some will be larger and some smaller. 

The size of any dog, mini Goldendoodle, or any breed depends mostly on various factors.  This breed is categorized as a small to medium dog breed.  One of the breeds in the mini Goldendoodle crossbreed background is a miniature or toy breed of dog. 

Their size and the fact that they look like a teddy bear adds to their cuteness and makes them so hard to resist. 

Their weight makes them easy to handle for almost every adult who would want a dog.  This physical lightweight makes it easier for them to share in their human families adventures. 

Depending on age, children can find them easy or hard to carry, but it will sure be hard to resist.  Personality, temperament, and appearance make this breed adorable regardless of size.

The mini Goldendoodle is a dog breed that was bred to be a companion animal.  It makes them gentle, loving, and pleasant by nature.  Their breed background also helps determine their size. 

Since they are a crossbred dog breed, they are a combination of two breeds.  One of these breeds is a toy or miniature dog, and the other is a medium to a large-sized dog.

This combination creates its small to medium-sized build, weight, and height.

How Much Does A Mini Goldendoodle Weigh? 1

While many factors can play a part in each mini Goldendoodles’ weight and height, breeding is based on size.

Typically a mini Goldendoodle will weigh 15 to 35 lbs. and be 13 to 20 inches in height to their withers. 

The withers is between their shoulder blades and is typically where a dog is measured for height.

Our Lexie has weighed between 22 and 26 lbs.  We are lucky; she appears to be right in the middle of the healthy guideline.

Do gender and age affect the weight of a mini Goldendoodle?

Yes, both gender and age can affect the weight of a mini Goldendoodle.

Female dogs tend to weigh slightly less than males and are also small in height.  Females go into heat or season and become pregnant, which affects their weight at certain times in their lives. 

This weight change is due to hormonal changes and physical changes in their bodies when they are in season or pregnant.

Male dogs also have hormones that can make them larger and have more muscle mass.

Age affects the size of a mini Goldendoodle.  Puppies start their life being small, and as they go through the stages of growth that bring them to adulthood, they will gain weight and height.

While there are guidelines measured at each stage of development, each dog is unique and individual.   They are only meant to guide the dog parent in accessing if their dog is healthy and developing correctly.

A few pounds below or above and fluctuations in weight or height do not necessarily mean that the individual dog is unhealthy or not growing properly.  Only a veterinarian can determine their health and if they are growing correctly.

Our Lexie, being a female, weighs less, but she is still in the healthy guideline for this breed!

What are some other factors that affect the weight of a mini golden doodle?

There are a few other factors besides gender and age that can affect a mini Goldendoodles weight.

A mini Goldendoodles diet will affect their weight.   Feeding a mini Goldendoodle the right amount of food is key to ensuring their overall health, regardless of value.  Their veterinarian should determine the amount of food at a well visit.

They will help the family decide which dog food is best for their dog that fits into their budget.

Treats can be given to the mini Goldendoodle but should be kept to a minimum for the dog’s health.  When warranted for good behavior or training, a few treats are essential and vital to their overall health.  It is similar to the treats we as humans might indulge in from time to time.

Behavior is a great way to gauge if they are getting enough to eat.  If a mini Goldendoodle always appears hungry and isn’t above the guideline for weight, adding some extra daily food is okay.  If they seem insatiable, then consulting their veterinarian is necessary.

If a mini Goldendoodle turns away food, which does happen from time to time, don’t force the issue if they are below these guidelines.  Some dogs will not fit into this weight category.

Going in reverse, if a dog is at the top of the scale and always looking for more, don’t feel that more food should be given.  Like humans, eating food can sometimes be out of boredom.

Another area that can affect weight is their lifestyle.    Does the mini Goldendoodle get exercise?  Is this exercise more than typical, or is it less?  These questions can determine if they are burning off enough or too many calories daily.

Depending on how much they exercise daily, and a consultation with their veterinarian, some dogs may require more food or more activity for their overall health.

As stated above, pregnancy for females will cause them to need more nutrition for them and their babies and cause them to gain more weight.  A veterinarian must be consulted for a pregnant female dog to ensure that they and their pups are healthy throughout the process.

Health problems can also cause a mini Goldendoodles weight to fluctuate.  These health problems can be mild and manageable or more severe.  If a health problem is believed to be the source of a mini Goldendoodles weight issue, it is always best to consult their veterinarian.

Stress is another area of life for a dog that can affect their weight.  Like humans, too much daily stress in a dog’s life affects all areas of their life, including weight.

It can cause them to eat, drink, exercise, and sleep more or less depending on the individual dog.  Creating a healthy, happy home environment, and noticing cues like excessive licking and barking can help manage stress, keeping their weight in a healthy range.

We try to keep a balanced lifestyle for our furry baby Lexie as much as possible.  Stress does happen from time to time, but we make sure to manage it as much as possible.

Is a mini Goldendoodle unhealthy if they are under or above the weight range?

The mini Goldendoodle may or may not be unhealthy if they are under or above the breed’s weight range.  Overall health isn’t solely determined by weight.

As noted above, a mini Goldendoodle being underweight or overweight can be caused by many factors; not all are related to health.

While being underweight or overweight can sometimes be a sign that a dog is unhealthy, it is more commonly a sign that their lifestyle is unhealthy.

Good health starts with a healthy lifestyle that includes the right amount of food and clean, freshwater.  Treats should be kept to a minimum, along with stress, and the dog should receive enough exercise to maintain good health.

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Annual checkups with their veterinarian can ensure that all these areas of their lives are in balance, which promotes good health for many years to come.

Addressing existing health issues and treating them properly will also help a mini golden doodle maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle for all the years of their life.

In Conclusion

A healthy weight starts with a healthy lifestyle.   While every breed has a guideline of what is considered healthy, each dog is unique and individual.

A healthy lifestyle that combines all the crucial components combined with proper veterinary care will ensure overall health.

The mini Goldendoodle is a small to medium-sized dog breed that is sure to wag their tale right into everyone’s heart with their teddy bear cuteness!

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