Summertime is fast approaching, and I wonder if I should trim my Goldendoodles’ hair.  I am sure some of you are curious about this topic.

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Should I trim my Goldendoodle for summer?

Yes, you should trim your Goldendoodle for summer.  A Goldendoodle has a thick and dense, and longer coat of hair that naturally retains or holds the heat to their body.  The type of hair, which comes from their purebred background also increases the likelihood that they will need more grooming than usual. 

A Goldendoodle also has a second layer of hair on the underside of their body.  For a Goldendoodle this hair doesn’t typically fall away on its own.  If a Goldendoodle is trimmed for the summer it is less likely that dirt, debris and mats or tangle will end up happening. 

Another reason you should trim a Goldendoodle for summer is because this lovely coat of hair they have is high maintenance.  They normally require regular brushing on a daily or every other day time frame at home. 

If their coat of hair is left long it may increase the amount of time pet parents spend grooming, instead of enjoying time spent having fun with their Goldendoodle.

Trimming their coat of hair provides more comfort in the warm summer months and reduces the risk of health issues that can arise from exposure to heat and sunshine.  A good time to trim a Goldendoodle for summer is right before summer begins with the potential for another quick trim midway through the season. 

While you should give your Goldendoodle a trim for summer, shaving is not recommended for health reasons.  Trimming their coat of hair for summer is the best of both words, you help them keep cool while maintaining the coat they were meant to have.

A Goldendoodle is a dog that naturally has a lot of beautiful and thick hair.  Their purebred parents, the Poodle and Golden Retriever have coats of hair that are long, thick, and dense.  For this reason, a Goldendoodle should have a trim for the summer to keep them healthy and clean, as well as reduce the potential for weather-related illnesses.

Due to their background, a Goldendoodle will have a coat of hair that naturally retains and holds the heat to their bodies.  When the weather is hotter than usual during the summer months, this can make life unbearable for them, if not dangerous in certain situations.  This is the top reason why you should trim a Goldendoodle for the summer.

A Goldendoodle has a second layer of hair on the underside of their body.  This second layer usually falls away but due to the type of hair they have it must be brushed and groomed out, including mats, tangles and debris or dirt.  This is yet another reason why you should trim a Goldendoodle for summer.

During the summer a Goldendoodle will likely spend more time outdoors in the sunshine running around and playing.  All this playtime and exercise will increase the amount of grooming and brushing that they will require to keep them looking clean and adorable.  For this reason, you should trim a Goldendoodle for summer.

A should trim your Goldendoodle right at the beginning of summer or just before summer starts.  Another trim at some point in the middle of summer is likely because like our hair, their hair will grow faster.

Is it better to trim or shave my Goldendoodle for summer?

It is best to trim a Goldendoodle for summer. No dog should ever be shaved, trimming is always best.

While each dog breed including the Goldendoodle will be unique in the amount or type of hair they have, all dogs have hair.  Their hair or fur is a protective layer against nature and weather elements.  It protects them from the sun and it’s harsh UV rays and heat while keeping them more comfortable.

A Goldendoodle has hair as an added layer of protection for their skin and internal body against dirt, debris and foreign objects.  It can protect the Goldendoodle from such health issues as sunburn, heatstroke, and potentially even skin cancer.

Shaving is never recommended; a trim is best for a Goldendoodle or other dog for summer. 

Shaving can be more harmful to their health and body than good.  A nice trim that shortens the length can provide them with some relief from extreme heat if their coat of hair is long, while protecting their body.

Are there any benefits to leaving a Goldendoodle coat alone and not trimming for summer?

There are no benefits to leaving a Goldendoodle coat alone and not trimming for summer.

Goldendoodles have a long, thick, and dense coat of hair.  Leaving their coat of hair untrimmed for summer would mean an increase in body temperature with warmer weather.  This is considered unhealthy for a dog.

If they are left untrimmed for the summer it can mean more grooming work for the pet parents.  If you choose not to trim a Goldendoodle for summer it can also have them and you spending more time indoors where the temperature is more easily controlled.

If a Goldendoodle is left untrimmed for summer and they spend a great deal of time outdoors it can cause them ore discomfort and increase their risk for health issues.  These can include heat exhaustion of sunburn and possibly skin cancer, depending on the dog and their genetics.

How else can I keep my Goldendoodle cool in the summer, besides trimming their coat of hair?

You can keep your Goldendoodle cool in the summer if you don’t trim your dog’s hair by offering plenty of fluids, a cool environment to rest and keeping a close watchful eye on their behavior.

One of the most important things we can do to keep a Goldendoodle cool during the summer if we choose not to trim them is provide plenty of hydration.  Summer months, with the excessive heat and time spent out in the sun can make it easier for a Goldendoodle to become dehydrated.

Clean, fresh water will help keep them hydrated and cool.  They should have plenty of water, especially when they are outdoors in the sun and it should be periodically changed.

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Another important thing that we can do to keep a Goldendoodle cool during the summer is we choose not to trim them is provide a safe place to cool off is essential.  Air condition and fans are a great way to provide an escape from the heat and summer sun.

If these cannot be provided at any given time, a shady place for them to escape the sun is essential.  Whether under a tree or canopy, a Goldendoodle needs to have a place they can go to when they are too hot.  Freshwater should be in this area and changed frequently.

Cooling mats can work wonders for those pet parents that are on the go with their Goldendoodle.  Especially if they choose to not trim a Goldendoodle for summer.

Extra food and treats may not keep them cool, but they can provide additional energy to combat the heat.  A starved or hungry dog is an unhealthy dog, and this can exasperate health problems related to the weather.  In the end sometimes it is just easier to trim a Goldendoodle for summer to save on stress for everyone involved.

Should I use a professional groomer to trim my Goldendoodle for summer?

This answer depends on the knowledge and skill of the pet parent.  Those who are experienced in trimming their Goldendoodle will have no problem giving a trim for the summer.

For the Goldendoodle pet parent that is a new parent or one that has never trimmed their Goldendoodle, the summertime is not a time to start.  The undercoat or second coat of hair on the underside of the Goldendoodle must not get a trim for the summer.  If it is trimmed for the summer it can affect how the second coat of hair grows for the next season.

Groomers have knowledge and experience in trimming different dog breeds during different seasons.  This knowledge includes how to trim a Goldendoodle for the summer.

This is a skill that can be learned by enthusiastic Goldendoodle pet parents.  Depending on how much time they want to devote to this task, they can learn.  Summertime however is probably not the time to undertake this new task.

Final Thoughts

We all want to feel cool for the summer, including a Goldendoodle.  Trimming their coat of hair for summer minimizes the potential for health issues related to the heat and sun.

A Goldendoodle will have a high maintenance coat of hair that includes a second undercoat of hair.   This can make groomer more labor intensive and it is sometimes best to take them to a groomer at the start of the season so they can feel clean and cool.

With so many exciting activities to share with a Goldendoodle, why waste the beautiful weather on grooming when you could be having fun!

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