If you are the proud owner of a Goldendoodle, one of the fastest-growing breeds in popularity, you know your dog is both highly intelligent, and full of energy. Due to their intelligence and constant need to be entertained and challenged, it is important to be strategic when you are planning on purchasing toys your Goldendoodle will love.

If you are like me (I know there are some early shoppers out there!), with Christmas coming, I am already planning my gift list for my family. I would be remiss if that list did not include my dog. So, in the spirit of the coming holiday season (and for birthdays, special occasions, and just because you love them days), I have compiled a list of the best 17 toys for your Goldendoodle.

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love!

Whether you are currently a Goldendoodle owner or looking to join the club, this list will make you a hit with your best friend, giving you peace of mind knowing your pet is happy and entertained.

It is important to note NOT ALL toys are good for ALL type dogs.

As all dogs are not created equal, neither are the safety of each toy across dog breeds. As responsible dog owners, we must ensure we have conducted extensive research when choosing appropriate dog toys for our pet(s).

As with most concerns with your dog, your veterinarian is the best source when looking to purchase toys for your specific dog.

Remember, just like children, dogs will have a toy preference, just be sure your dogs’ “favorite toy” is safe for him.

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love!

Chew Toys

CHEW TOYS – These toys offer your dog the ability to aid in teething (for growing puppies), helping to soothe aching mouths, gums and teeth development, and having a cleaning effect on their teeth.

NOTE: Rawhide chews are considered dangerous for your pet and not commonly recommended by veterinarians. The chews pose a choking hazard as small splinters of the rawhide can get stuck in the dog’s esophagus. Due to its resilient and long-lasting nature, the particles must be surgically removed.

If you must give rawhide chews to your dog, vets strongly urge the owner to take away the chew once it becomes soft and let them reharden. Veterinarians warn our dogs toy, specifically chew bones, should be soft enough to indent with your thumbnail to avoid the risk of breaking your dog’s teeth. It is important to note, you should never give your dog a rawhide chew and leave them unsupervised.

If you are like me and do not want to take a chance with rawhide chews for your dog, there are recommended alternatives.

A great alternative to rawhide chews is bully sticks and smart bones for dogs. These popular alternatives contain additional plaque fighting ingredients aiding in better dental health for your pet. The bully sticks for dogs have the same benefits of rawhide chews – dental care, satisfying oral stimulation needs, and burning excess energy – all while being much easier for your dog to digest.

  • Smartbones Peanut Butter Chew -Mini – Chewing time is longer than normal chews.        [Buy on Amazon]
17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 117 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 2
  • Smartbones Rawhide Free Peanut Butter Chews – these chews are available in 4 sizes to better fit the needs of your dog. [Buy on Amazon]
  • 6” Bully Sticks (Small) – Odor Free Bully Sticks USDA-Inspected [Buy on Amazon]
17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 317 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 4
  • Bully Sticks (Medium) – Odor Free Bully Sticks USDA-Inspected [Buy on Amazon]
17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 517 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 6
  • Chicken Dog Chews (Great for Aggressive Chewers) [Buy on Amazon]
17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 717 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 8

Toys For The Intelligent Dog

PUZZLE TOYS Goldendoodles benefit from these toys, since they are highly intelligent dogs, you as the pet owner should be concerned with keeping them entertained and intellectually challenged. If you do not keep your Goldendoodle challenged they can become easily bored if their minds do not receive the proper amount of stimulation.

A highly recommended interactive dog toy is the Starmark Small / or Large Bob-A-Lot. Many dog owners are happy with the exercise it provides their dogs (can keep a dog entertained for an hour) and have proven to last longer than their competitors.

This is a great toy for keeping your dog entertained, encouraging exercise, and stimulating their minds, a benefit both you and your dog will love. It is recommended the small-sized toy be purchased for small and medium dogs (normally under 40 pounds).

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 917 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 10
  • Dog Dispenser Ball (Pet IQ Feeder and Interactive Puzzle Ball) -Recommended for small to medium-sized dogs. [See on Amazon]
17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 1117 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 12
  • Advanced Dog Puzzle Toy (Great for reducing boredom, stress, and curbing destructive behavior, by keeping your dog engaged in play). [See on Amazon]
  • Smelly Matty Snuffle Mat – Large Dogs [See on Amazon]

Mental stimulation and IQ boosting education for puppies to trained smart dogs. This product is great as you can adjust the difficulty level depending upon the dogs’ breed and intelligence level. [See on Amazon]

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 1317 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 14

Rope Toys

ROPE TOYS – Let me start by saying I am not a fan of rope toys for any dog unless they are constantly watched while playing with these types of toys. Many of the aggressive and large dog breeds have had bad experiences as they have torn apart the rope toys and gotten the rope material stuck in their abdomen. Most veterinarians do not recommend rope toys for your dog.

 As I mentioned, these can be easily torn apart by motivated dogs, with the remnants ending up in the stomach and intestinal tract, often resulting in surgery to remove it.

However, if you are willing to put in the time to watch your dog while playing with rope toys please review the following suggestions.

This package of ten various toys are a favorite among Goldendoodle puppy owners, having proven more durable, while providing a wide variety of entertainment for your dog. As puppies, while your dog starts to chew toys, they get their teeth clean and gums massaged, while aiding in the reduction in biting behavior.

These toys are made of high quality, non-toxic materials which cannot be easily broken allowing them to last longer. The toys are attractive easily catching the attention of your pets.

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 1517 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 16
  • Pacific Pup Toy Collection (supports a non-profit) [See on Amazon]

Pacific Pups Products are geared for aggressive chewers, the package of 10 toys is made with safe, non-toxic materials, and tested by the strongest chewers. A large portion of all their proceeds are donated to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters, a great cause to support.

Dog Toys Without Stuffing

STUFFINGLESS TOYS (or no stuffing squeaky or crinkle plush toys, for the more destructive dog)– The stuffed animals and squeaky toys are a favorite for the Goldendoodle breed, I love to see my little girl curled up, fast asleep, next to her favorite fox toy. When she was a puppy, she would drag her stuffed fox around and then fall asleep with it, I know its softness was soothing to her.

Veterinarians warn against inappropriate stuffed toys as they can easily cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Your dog should not be able to disembowel, shred, or ingest bits of this doggy toy. The toy must be bigger than the dog’s mouth, if it fits comfortably inside your dog’s mouth, it is instantly a choking hazard and should be thrown away.

  • Skinny Peltz with No Stuffing (Squeaky Plush) Dog Toy [Buy on Amazon]

Skinny Pelts are a favorite among dogs with 3 large characters; fox, raccoon and squirrel, all keeping boredom at bay.

The crinkle material makes an enticing sound that sends my little girl running in search of her favorite toy. The realistic animal design and long body provides flip-flopping action dogs love.

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 1717 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 18

These fun Jungle Skinneeez Tug toys are one of the popular stuffing-free toys designed with a durable rope through the body, and rope loop handle. The handle allows you to play tug or fetch with your dog, it is also great for solo play time or a great cuddle buddy during sleep.

Dog Fetch Toys

FETCH TOYS – Since your dog is very active and full of energy, fetch toys are a must! Dogs love to chase and fetch toys, which can be done on the beach, on a field, in your back yard, or even in your house. Look for toys that will keep your dog interested and active for better health.

17 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 1917 Toys Goldendoodles Actually Love! 20

This frisbee is made especially for your pets’ safety, unlike plastic frisbees. This toy will float in water and it is safe for your dogs’ teeth. It is constructed of soft rubber and durable multilayer nylon, this is the perfect solution for fitness, exercise and training.

In Conclusion:

When searching for the best toy for your Goldendoodle (or any breed) it is best to keep in mind the activity and intelligence level of your dog. Some breeds (like the Goldendoodles) need the proper amount of care by providing appropriate mental and physical activities found in toys meant for these purposes. Mental challenges will help your dog learn and keep his brain active, just remember you should always supervise your dog while playing with their toys.

 As pointed out, dog toys can satisfy different purposes; puzzles for mental ability, fetch toys for exercise, and chew toys to stave off boredom, with the added benefit of improving dental care.

When it comes to dog chew toys, new studies have shown that certain unsafe dog toys (usually Chinese) expose dogs to many harmful substances, for example, dog chews containing rawhide can possibly contain Salmonella or E. Coli. Further, digestion issues can occur in some dogs, therefore, it is best to avoid these types of toys including pig ears and cow knuckles.

 Using toys to entertain, exercise, and keep dental health in check can be found for all breeds, sizes and pet owner’s budgets. Have fun browsing for your next treat for your best friend and don’t forget to buy for their stockings too!

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