Everyone knows that all dogs bark at one time or another, that includes a Goldendoodle.  While I know it is how they communciate, I don’t always understand what my Goldendoodle is trying to say.

Early this morning, I dug up some details on barking and what the reasons might be that your Goldendoodle barks at you.

7 Reasons Your Goldendoodle Barks at You

Like every other dog, Goldendoodles use barking and body language to communicate with those around them.  While they don’t speak our language, they have their own unique language made up of sounds and bodily responses, that includes your Goldendoodle when he or she barks at you.

Some Goldendoodles will only bark occasionally, preferring to use body language as a way of expressing themselves; and others will bark at you more often, but each dog is unique in responding to and communicating with those around them.

The most important thing to remember is that there is always a reason behind the barking and their attempt to communicate with you.

7 Reasons Your Goldendoodle Barks at You


We all crave attention from those we love.  It is easy for us humans to express our needs and wants by asking for what we wish, which is easily understood through our words. For a Goldendoodle, this can be a bit more challenging, and this is why your Goldendoodle barks at you.  We live busy lives, and it can be easy to accidentally lose sight of the little fur baby in the house from time to time. 

Like other dogs, Goldendoodles use barking to ensure they get the attention they need.  Whether they want attention for some petting, a treat or to seek attention because it’s been a while since they visited the back yard, barking helps.  When your Goldendoodle barks at you they want or need attention.  It almost always gets a response and we pay attention.   

7 Reasons Your Goldendoodle Barks At You

We may not always get it right, but our attempt doesn’t go unnoticed.  If a Goldendoodle pet parent knows their dog well, they will learn to understand the different barks or body language that comes with it to figure out what the Goldendoodle wants.


Goldendoodles can get lonely even in a house full of people.  While they live with us, they don’t have the busy lives we do, and we get preoccupied. This can be a reason why your Goldendoodle barks at you because they are lonely.  

No matter what breed of dog you have, dogs, including Goldendoodles, are pack animals.   For this reason, they need to feel connected to their human pack.  That is why they want to go from the kitchen to the laundry room with you. You are the pack leader. They want to be near you for various reasons, including companionship.  Many people think that as a companion animal, a Goldendoodle only offers companionship.  

This is partly true. For your Goldendoodle to thrive best, they also need to have this companionship returned.  If a Goldendoodle is left alone for too long, this can be a reason your Goldendoodle barks at you when you return home. They were lonely and missed you.

Separation Anxiety

Goldendoodles are known for struggling with separation anxiety.  A Goldendoodle can have difficulty coping with this separation when you are away.  They don’t understand why you left or if you are coming back and when.  They have no control over the fact that you left and are upset that you had to go and didn’t take them along with you for this reason your Goldendoodle barks at you.  

For your Goldendoodle, which is a highly intelligent dog, they don’t have the concept of time and commonly suffer from anxiety in your absence.  Barking is a common symptom of this issue, as well as digging and scratching at doors and other behaviors.   Your Goldendoodle can feel abandoned, lonely, confused and might act out both while you are gone as well as when you return. 

This might include lots of barking in an attempt to convey their displeasure that you went away from home without them.  When you return your Goldendoodle barks at you because they are unhappy you left them.


Your Goldendoodle might bark at you because he is fearful or afraid.  If your Goldendoodle feels fear or is afraid for you, they might bark in response.   This barking is their attempt to remove or eliminate danger to them, you, or their household.   There are various types of fear your Goldendoodle can feel, each being unique as the individual dog.   

New people, changes to their environment, strange sounds, smells, or sights can send any Goldendoodle into a barking fit.  While your Goldendoodle isn’t necessarily the perfect guard dog, the instinct to protect you and themselves as well as their home is there. 

7 Reasons Your Goldendoodle Barks At You

They might not likely lunge and bite an intruder or chase the garbage truck down the street, but your Goldendoodle wasn’t bred to be that kind of dog.  Barking for your Goldendoodle is their attempt at protection during times of fear as part of a built-in response system.  This can be another reason why your Goldendoodle barks at you.


Dogs are territorial, no matter what kind of dog they are, and this can make your Goldendoodle bark at you.  Goldendoodles will bark at you or someone else when they exercise their right of ownership and make it known to those around them.  

Being territorial is a natural survival response.  It can be related to their food, water, pet parent, dog bed, or whatever your Goldendoodle values.  If your Goldendoodle feels that their ownership is being questioned, they will bark in response.  This barking a Goldendoodle does is linked to their innate need to protect what they consider belonging to them. 

While your Goldendoodle isn’t likely to lunge at another dog who enters their territory or tries to sit on your lap, they will make their unhappiness known and your Goldendoodle might bark at you.


Your Goldendoodle can not tell you that their belly hurts or that they stepped on something outside so might find that your Goldendoodle barks at you.  When they suffer from both mild and significant injury or illness, your Goldendoodle might bark at you as a way of expressing how they feel. 

This is usually combined with or following body language signs like limping, scratching and other behaviors.  Your Goldendoodle barks at you for this reason, but they might also whimper, cry, moan, groan, and yelp to express physical how they feel.  In these situations immediate attention is needed.


We all get bored; your Goldendoodle likely barks at you sometimes when they are bored.  They can’t open the back door and head outside when they are bored to see what is going on in the yard next door. 

They can’t open up the cabinet door to find that new dog toy you bought the other day, so your Goldendoodle barks at you to tell you, hey, I am bored.  This runs along the lines of needing attention but in a different way.  Your Goldendoodle might not know what they need, but they know they need something. 

This barking can come with other mischievous behaviors in an attempt to get you to pay attention and provide a diversion from their boredom.

7 Reasons Your Goldendoodle Barks At You

Some dogs will have their unique barks to clue their pet parent in on what they need.  This can quickly be learned by pet parents with a little patience, practice, and paying attention to details.

How do I respond to my Goldendoodle that barks at me?

The best way to respond to your Goldendoodle that barks at you is to attempt to figure out what they need or want.  Take a quick momentary break if you are busy and run through your mind. Have they been fed recently?  Do they need to use the bathroom?  When was the last time I played with them?  Is that crazy squirrel outside the window again, and they want me to see it?

Most often, barking is related to a need, want, or what is going on in their body or environment when your Goldendoodle barks at you.

After the reason for your Goldendoodles barking is uncovered, you can best determine how to respond.

In those moments where you are away from home and return to nonstop barking, it is best to address the first issue that they likely have, they missed you.

Spending a few moments sharing kisses and cuddles after a separation can provide your Goldendoodle with comfort and restore that bond that was broken with your absence.  After that running through your Goldendoodles needs and wants can help settle them down if you find your Goldendoodle barks at you still.

Final Thoughts

Barking is a means of communicating for a Goldendoodle. At the same time, you may not always know why your Goldendoodle barks at you but it is important to attempt to figure it out.

If you know your Goldendoodle well and share a close, compassionate bond with them, finding the answer is easy.

Whatever the reason, barking is a natural part of who your Goldendoodle is, best to get used to some noise!

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