Has anyone ever questioned whether Goldendoodles should be outside dogs?  They have natural energy and a fur coat that could make them well suited to being an outside dog.  This may cause some people to wonder whether they can or should be inside or outside.

I recently uncovered some information that might help me, and all of you understand the facts.  Read on to find out.

Are Goldendoodle Inside or Outside Dogs?

Goldendoodles are best served as an inside dog enven though their breed makeup serves them well for being outdoors.   They thrive best with a mixture of both inside and outside time with more emphasis on being an inside dog.  Goldendoodles make better inside dogs than outside dogs because they enjoy being in close contact with their family and loved ones. 

They could potentially be considered an outside dog with the right equipment and of course if mom or dad are right beside them!  While some dogs may be physically capable of spending all or most of their time outdoors, Goldendoodles are not.  It is however not recommended to keep any dog, regardless of breed outside all the time or overnight.  Goldendoodles can enjoy time outside playing fetch and spending time exercising right alongside their loved ones. 

During this time outside, Goldendoodles coat of hair will tend to collect mud, debris and dirt which can mean more grooming and upkeep.  This extra grooming means that they are better at being an inside dog versus an outside dog.  Their coat of hair already requires a lot of maintenance for health and cleanliness, extended periods of time outside exasperate this issue.  Another aspect of their coat of hair is that it is not well suited to keep them protected and adequately warm in certain weather elements. 

Goldendoodles will not mind the colder or warmer temperatures of outside but long amounts of time can cause issues for any dog.  Another reason Goldendoodles make better inside dogs versus outside dogs is their attachment to their family or pet parents.  These dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety if they are not right by their loved one’s side. 

As primarily inside dogs, Goldendoodles should have good training, especially if loved ones are away at times to combat separation issuesAs an inside dog versus outside dog, crate training can be beneficial for good behavior.  Goldendoodles can feel best as inside and outside dogs, provided they are beside their loved ones and well taken care of physically and emotionally.  The emphasis is on inside with some outside time sprinkled in for fun and exercise.

Goldendoodles are a crossbred dog from the Golden Retriever and Poodle.  With this crossbreeding, they have some of their parents’ traits, which might make some people believe they can be an outside dog versus inside.

Many factors determine whether any dog should be inside, outside, or both.  In a Goldendoodles’ case, they are a mixture of both that leans more towards being inside.  They were bred to be companion animals, and their nature reflects this innate need to be close to their loved ones and inside where it is warm, safe and comfortable.

As a companion animal they tend to bond closely with their loved ones and may struggle if they spend too much time alone outside, versus inside beside family.

Goldendoodles coat of hair is thick, dense and long which can confuse people into thinking that they can spend great amounts of time outside as a dog instead of inside.  There coat may have beautiful qualities of high density and thickness that create a very appealing look they are not bred for outside life.

All Goldendoodles have a double coat, which is a second layer of hair on the underside of their body.  This double coat protects their body from different terrain and the elements of the weather, within reason of course.

Goldendoodles can be outside dogs for some time to go for a walk, play catch or an exciting game but their coat of hair isn’t truly designed to keep them as warm, safe and comfortable as some other dogs.

Aside from their comfort and safety when spending time outdoors, their coat of hair is high maintenance.  It tends to get easily matted and tangled which can make grooming more labor intensive for pet parents.

If you figure in the added mud, dirt, debris and other foreign objects that can be collected in that hair when they are outside, it can be a horrific mess.  This mess can add extra time to the daily grooming schedule for pet parents.

Does training determine if Goldendoodles can be an inside or outside dog?

No training does not determine if Goldendoodles can be an inside or outside dog.

Training can help with negative behaviors related to how they respond to that environment.  These behaviors can include peeing in the house as an inside dog or chasing a wayward squirrel as an outside dog.  Training will not make them enjoy being outside or inside either way.  Like human’s this is more about preferences.  Since their purpose and wish is to be with their people, that will shape whether they are an outside or inside dog, not training.

Are Goldendoodle Inside Or Outside Dogs?

That being said, they can be trained to behave a certain way when outside or inside and this is highly important in both cases for a happy, safe life with family.

If Goldendoodles spend a lot of time as outside dogs because this is where their family is, they should be well trained for their health and safety.  Protection from dangerous situations in their environment as well as following commands well.  Sit, stay, leave it and come are the basics, but highly important.

If Goldendoodles spend a lot of time as inside dogs because that is where their family is, they should also be trained well.  This training is for harmony in the house and limiting negative behaviors like barking, chewing and scratching.

Good training can also help pet parents manage the separation anxiety of Goldendoodles that are inside dogs who miss their loved ones.  Crate training can be very helpful, whether Goldendoodles are inside or outside dogs.

Can my Goldendoodles be outside with me for long hours?

Yes, Goldendoodles can be outside with their pet parents for long hours provided there is proper preparation, so they are warm or cool, hydrated, fed, and healthy.

When spending longer times outside with Goldendoodles it is important to always have a dog first aid kit handy as well as other necessary items to make them more comfortable.  These can include a dog sweater or coat if the weather is cold or a cooling mat if the weather is hot.

They will enjoy spending time outdoors since they want nothing more than to be beside their loved ones.  Going on a camping trip, take them along as a companion, they are versatile inside and outside dogs that will provide great fun and add to the adventure.

They should however, never be left out all the time, especially when their loved ones aren’t there with them.  This is for their overall health and safety.  They thrive best in the presence of their pet parents and will suffer less separation anxiety.  Aside from that, keeping Goldendoodles beside you when you are camping or spending extended amounts of time outside also allows you to keep a close eye on them to make sure that they don’t get hurt or injured, or get into too much trouble.

When Goldendoodles need to be inside, pet parents can place them in a vehicle, tent, or another indoor area for a bit.  This should be monitored because there is the potential for them to suffer issues due to their seperation from mom and dad.

Do Goldendoodles prefer being inside or outside?

Some dogs have a preference, but Goldendoodles do not when it comes to being an inside or outside dog.  They want to be by their loved one’s side, whether inside or outside.  They go outside when they don’t need to use the bathroom, but if mom and dad are not outside, they will most certainly want to be an inside dog.   Basically, where loved ones are, inside or out, is where they prefer to be at any given time.

It should be noted that no dog should be left outside entirely all the time.  Like working dogs who have the physical attributes to withstand outdoor elements, some dogs will love it.  However, they should always have some to be an inside dog to time to warm up, cool down, rest or plain enjoy a change of scenery.

Closing Thoughts

While some dogs thrive best when outdoors, Goldendoodles are best kept inside most of the time.

They do enjoy some outside time with loved ones for exercise and playtime, but since pet parents generally spend a lot of time inside, so will they.

So long as they are healthy, safe, and exposed to outdoor activities on a regular daily basis, whether they are inside or outside is up to them and those they love!

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