Owning a dog can be a great idea until you worry about leaving them behind. While some breeds can do well alone, others will be miserable.

Naturally, all dogs are social animals. Pets would prefer being in the company of their kind or with their human owners. Therefore, it is stressful for them to be alone, especially for Goldendoodles. Can mini Goldendoodles be left alone?

Can Mini Goldendoodles Be Left Alone? For How Long? 1

Can Mini Goldendoodles Be Left Alone? 

Mini Goldendoodles should not be left alone if you can help it. These dogs tend to get stressed and anxious whenever something changes. A drastic shift in the order of events can disrupt their norm and make them feel insecure. Prolonged separation may cause anxiety for your dog.

Please realize that the Goldendoodle considers you their pack leader and looks up to you for most things. You are their source of security and, as the pack leader, are responsible for their food, shelter, water, and safety. Therefore, your leaving often frustrates them and leaves them directionless.

Every time you leave, your mini Goldendoodle wonders if you are gone forever. They worry about who will take care of them. Keep reading to understand more about the separation anxiety you leave your dog behind.

What is Separation Anxiety for Goldendoodles?

Golden doodles are great dog breeds for families that want to include a loving member. They are friendly and naturally love those around them. While they have a few demerits, they also come with several downsides.

One of their most common and probably the most alarming demerit is that they suffer from separation anxiety. They get highly distressed and anxious when separated from their owners. Those with this condition will suffer this condition when separated from their owners.

Most of those affected will not go outside when their owner is not around. You will notice that the dog develops signs of stress when they notice that you are about to leave them behind.

How to Tell That Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

Dogs that develop separation anxiety will exhibit specific symptoms. First, they will bark or howl excessively. They also develop destructive behaviors and may destroy items, including bedding, furniture, and paintings.

They will also forget their manners. You may notice that your dog suddenly urinates and defecates inside the house despite being potty trained. A close look at what is going on may reveal that the dog is anxious and unsettled.

However, this should not be confused with isolation distress. The signs and symptoms may be similar, although the conditions are different.

Can Mini Goldendoodles Be Left Alone? For How Long? 2

How is Isolation Distress Described?

Isolation distress refers to the conditions that affect dogs that fear being left alone at any specific time. They prefer to be around other creatures. The dog will not be fussy and would be comfortable even when left with a cat, a fellow dog, or a human being.

On the other hand, dogs with separation anxiety must be around people or humans. It is not just any human, but once they have bonded and formed a close relationship. Their stress levels will continue to rise despite being left in the care of other people until their returns.

How Long Can You Leave an Adult Goldendoodle Alone?

Unless the dog has one of the mentioned conditions, Golden doodles are pretty chilled. They will be comfortable being left at home alone if they follow a specific routine. The adult dogs will be okay being left alone for some time because they are sure you will be back.

However, it’s not the same for pups. They have a different need for attention and will need you around.

Can you Leave Your Golden Doodle Outside?

Most dog breeds would be comfortable being left outside. However, this is not the case with all dogs and should not be an assumption you make. For most dogs, you have to provide a comfortable kennel, some toys, and shelter to keep them comfortable.

With such provisions, you can be sure that your dog will be distracted and occupied long enough while you are gone. However, it’s not the same case for Goldendoodles. They do not enjoy being left outside and will develop separation anxiety if you try this.

What’s more, the skin of Goldendoodles is not ideal for outdoor environments. The silky coat is not suited for the outdoor lifestyle. If you can, ensure that the dog is around family members as much as possible.

Can Goldendoodles Be Left in a Crate When You Go Outside?

If you must leave your Golden doodle behind, it is best to let them stay in its crate. However, this should be only for short periods. Do this for naught dogs and puppies that are prone to destruction.

Make sure that you are not going to stay long. While you may have prevented your items from being damaged or your floors from being defecated or urinated on, there are other consequences. Waiting too long may cause your furry friend to develop anxiety and stress that would be tough to reverse.

Additionally, make sure to leave the dog with a toy. The toy will help calm the dog down and help them ease into sleep before you come back. High calming treats will also do the trick and help keep your dog comfortable before you come back.

Can You Leave Your Golden Doodle Puppies Alone?

Note that Goldendoodle puppies are like children. You need to ease them into a routine that works and ensures security.

However, you can slowly start training them to be alone for some time. At first, you should practice leaving them alone in their care when you are at home. You can monitor and let them out for bathroom breaks when they need to go.

Gradually, you can increase the duration, and they grow older. Here is where you leave them in secure spaces inside your home for a little longer when you need to be away. However, make sure you are not away for too long and also be sure to leave them inside their crates.

The secret is to introduce the idea of being left alone gradually.

How Long and How Often Should You Leave Your Golden Doodle Alone?

No one wants to leave their dog alone for hours if they can avoid it. What’s more, you also don’t want to abandon your dog.

Besides that, the puppy’s bladder capacity also plays a vital role in how long they can be left alone.

Do not leave puppies for less than eight weeks alone for more than an hour. They are likely to pee if unattended to. Those two to three months old can be left for around two hours because they will hold on longer.

Goldendoodle puppies over three months can go up to 4 hours. Since they can hold on longer, you can comfortably leave them alone for stretched periods. However, make sure you do not exceed six hours.

If you have to leave your Golden doodle because of work or other engagements, try your best to make sure they are happy. Make sure they are settled and. When you get back, exercise them properly to ensure that they are physically healthy and mentally fit.                                                                                                                                              

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