Lexi, our beloved Goldendoodle, loves spending time with us just as much as we enjoy her company.  Sometimes it can be challenging for us to leave her behind on those rare occasions when she can’t come where we are going.  Since she joined our family, we have made it a habit to find someone close, a relative or friend that can check up on her while we are away.  Since many individuals and families can struggle with this, we thought we would offer insight into what we know about how long a Goldendoodle can be left alone.

Read on for more details about leaving your Goldendoodle alone. We hope you find it useful and informative.

How long can a Goldendoodle be left alone?

How long can a Goldendoodle be left alone?  An adult Goldendoodle can be left alone. Expect a Goldendoodle to be able to handle being alone for five to nine hours when there is the right amount of preparation before their alone time.  The Goldendoodle is a dog breed that does better in close contact with their loved ones or a trusted person, but they can tolerate being left alone for a little bit when necessary. 

It is a good idea that they are trained before being left alone for any length of time to minimize issues that may arise from stress, anxiety, boredom, or curiosity.  Certain dog breeds including the Goldendoodle can suffer from what is known as separation anxiety

This health issue can cause stress and anxiety as well as unsavory behaviors in dogs that suffer.  Potential pet parents seeking a gentle and loving companion animal that can spend a little bit of time alone while they are away will be delighted with this dog breed.

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog that originated from the combination of two distinct purebred dogs.  They were bred to be companion animals, so they thrive best in homes where they can play an active role in a family or be right beside an individual or loved one.

This type of scenario allows their character and personality to shine and keeps them happy and thriving.  Their nature and personality are gentle, loving, sweet, and affectionate.

Their personality is low-key and easy-going, making it easy for their family or owner to leave them at home for a bit while they go out.  While the Goldendoodle may be less than thrilled about this, they will tolerate it with the same laid back attitude that they do everything else.

Proper training is essential before any dog, regardless of the breed, is left home alone.  Obedience training will teach the Goldendoodle what is okay and not okay behaviors.  This training will start them off on the right foot when they need to be home alone for a little bit.

Proper planning is always necessary when leaving any dog home alone, Goldendoodle or otherwise.

What determines whether I should leave a Goldendoodle home alone or not?

Many factors determine if a dog, regardless of the breed, should be left home alone.

Of course, breeding factors into determining in whether a dog can be left home alone.  Certain breeds can struggle with anxiety, stress, and separation issues that make it hard for them to be left home alone.

The Goldendoodle is one of those breeds.  They are a breed that can struggle with separation issues that can cause problems if left unmanaged.  With proper training and preparation, they might not enjoy being left home alone, but they can manage this for a little bit.

Personality is by far the most important aspect to determine if a Goldendoodle can be left home alone.  Questions can be asked to determine how well they will handle this, they include:

  • Do they get bored easily?
  • Are they very curious?
  • How do they handle being left in another room or short distance away?
  • Are they destructive in any way?
How Long Can Goldendoodles Be Left Alone?

These another questions, can help determine what type of personality they have, and how they will handle being left alone.

Age is a critical factor in whether a Goldendoodle can be left home alone.  Puppies have many needs. There can be many issues that arise in a short period with a puppy alone in the house.  For this reason, they shouldn’t be left home alone until they are older.

Senior dogs and those that suffer from illness or injury can also be tough to leave home alone.  Their existing health issues can require more frequent care and responsibility.  This can make it hard for them to be left home alone for any length of time.

The home environment plays a role in whether a Goldendoodle can be left home alone.  The home must be safe and healthy for them to live in while the owner or family member is gone.

What type of planning should I do if I want to leave my Goldendoodle home alone?

The first step in planning to leave a Goldendoodle home alone is to ensure that the house is safe and healthy.

Depending on where the Goldendoodle will be staying, certain areas will need to be made dog safe.  Trash might need to be removed from the places they will be staying.  Furniture should be safe, so they cannot knock anything over while their owner is away.

The temperature should be controlled, so they don’t get too hot or cold.  They should have a safe and comfortable place to lay and rest and a spacious area to move around in if they won’t be in a crate.

While entertaining, distractions should be kept to a minimum, so they don’t get into trouble or hurt themselves.  They should also have adequate water, food, and perhaps some toys to entertain themselves, so they don’t behave poorly.

Some people go so far as to leave a television on to create noise, so the Goldendoodle doesn’t feel lonely.   If the time they spend alone will be at night, leaving on safe and soft lighting can be soothing.

If the separation is to be longer than a few hours, it is best to have someone check in on the Goldendoodle to ensure that they are healthy, happy and safe.  This breed can struggle with separation anxiety making them prone to emotional issues when their loved ones go away and leave them behind at home.

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is an emotional issue in a dog where they have a hard time being away from their loved ones or caregivers.  This condition isn’t limited to dogs; other animals and humans can also suffer from this emotional condition.

Dogs can exhibit negative behaviors from the added stress that the situation causes them.

Some breeds suffer more than others. The Goldendoodle dog breed can and does suffer from this emotional condition.

Proper planning, ritual, and a backup plan can help create the right environment for their happiness.  With time and a pattern that allows the Goldendoodle to understand and know what is coming can help them adjust more comfortably to this situation.

The Goldendoodles personality is easygoing, but it can bring about unsavory behaviors and negative tendencies when they suffer from separation anxiety, it is best to be patient and understanding of what they are going through in these moments.

What can be done if my Goldendoodle hates being left alone?

There are quite a few things that can be done when leaving an unhappy Goldendoodle home alone.

Proper planning is necessary, but so is a schedule or ritual followed each time the owner or family leaves home and dog.

It can be as simple as sitting for some snuggle time right before leaving, offering some soothing words and a hug goodbye followed by a treat or two.  Whatever method is used, it should be done consistently, so the dog comes to understand and know what is coming.

With time and patience, they will know when certain words or a particular series of events happen that next, they will be home alone.

How Long Can Goldendoodles Be Left Alone? 1

This doesn’t mean that the Goldendoodle won’t still suffer from anxiety or challenging behaviors while their owner or family is away.  It can, however, minimize the potential for problems.

Having multiple tricks and methods will help each family or individual determine what works best for their Goldendoodle.  Each dog is unique and will respond to what works best for their emotional and physical needs.

In Conclusion

Being alone is hard for everyone, dogs, and humans alike.  The loneliness and boredom a dog feels can happen fast, just as soon as their owner closes the door.

If we take a moment to reverse the roles and see how much they depend on us for every aspect of their life, we can understand how they must feel.

Proper planning and a few tricks can make it easier for a Goldendoodle to be left home alone from time to time.

Thankfully, most of us that have one of these fur babies for a family member will find it hard to stay away for too long anyway.  So run that short errand, but don’t forget that adorable cutie you left behind.  They will be waiting with lots of love to share as soon as you return!

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