Goldendoodles are friendly dogs that love to play with people. But when you need to go run an errand, does someone need to watch your dog?

Miniature Goldendoodles can stay home alone for a few hours. So a person can go to the store and back without issues. If the Mini Goldendoodle is a puppy and not trained to use the bathroom in a designated place, then they should be left in their cage or playpen instead of roaming around the house.

Mini Goldendoodles behave very well and listen to commands that they are taught. They will behave very well being left home alone, but only the owner knows their dog well enough to know if that is the best decision for their dog.

How Long Can Goldendoodles Stay Home Alone?

Goldendoodles can stay home alone for hours at a time. You can go out for your workday or run some errands and your Mini Goldendoodle will be okay. Like any friendly dog, they will miss you and be excited when you return, but your dog should behave well at home and not ruin any rules you have set in place.

Because this dog is part Golden Retriever, they are intelligent and great at listening to commands. This means that if you do not allow your dog onto your furniture, or if they can’t go into certain spaces, then they will obey the rules you have taught them.

Depending on how long you will leave your Mini Goldendoodle for, you might want to leave out some food and water so that if your dog is supposed to eat around the time you are gone they have the option. And, you should always leave the water bowl open so that they can drink water whenever they desire. (Source)

What To Do if I Leave For a Day or Longer?

If you are leaving for a day or longer then you should have someone watch your dog. Depending on your personal comfort level and your dog’s needs, you can decide between a few options. You can have someone come over to your house and dog sit there, someone can take your dog to dog sit at their house, or you can have someone drop by your house in the morning and at night to play with your dog and feed it. (Source)

Depending on how long you will be gone, you might find one of these options to be better than the other. if you know that your dog does great being home alone, then having someone drop by to check in on them is a great option. But, if you know your dog would prefer constant company while you are away, then getting someone to dog sit for you is a great option as well.

If you are leaving for a day, then you can choose any of these options depending on a friend’s availability to watch your dog for you, your comfort level with the options, and your dog’s needs. For being gone a day, maybe having a friend drop by before they go to work in the morning, and dropping by after work on their way home is an option that works great.

All you need to do is leave them with a key to the house, and tell them where the food and toys are. Then, simply instruct them to feed your dog before they go to work and after. And, ask them to spend some time with the dog so that they can get their energy out and get to play with someone.

You will also want to tell them if you want them to walk your dog, or if they should simply let the dog outside for a few minutes to use the bathroom. You know your dog’s habits and routine, and simply explain and write down the information for your friend.

Can Mini Goldendoodles Stay Home Alone? 1

If you have someone who can come stay at your house to watch your dog for longer than a day, then make sure you set up a place for them to stay. They should be able to eat and sleep in your home if that is your plan. Then, have your dog’s schedule written out, and make sure you show the sitter where everything they will need is.

If your dog is staying at someone else’s house, then pack what your dog will need. Pack their favorite toys, their food, their food and water bowls, their leash, and any other items you have for your dog that they will need while you are away. Then, give the sitter their schedule and let them watch your dog while you are gone.

Tips for Leaving My Mini Goldendoodle Home Alone

Some tips for leaving your dog home alone or with other people are making sure your dog’s food and water are set up, and making sure you pay your sitter who is watching your dog.

If you are gone for a few hours, then simply leave out your dog’s food and water, their toys, and decide if you will let them roam around the house or stay in one area. If you normally put them in a bedroom, or in the garage, or in a playpen, put them there and also put a disposable pee mat in the same area as them. If your Mini Goldendoodle is trained and knows to pee on that or outside, then if they need to use the bathroom while you are away then you can trust that there will not be a mess when you come home.

You should also make sure that if a friend is doing you a favor by watching your dog, that you pay them in some way. You can pay them with money, or you can arrange a time for you to babysit their dog or kid if they have one. This shows them that you appreciate them watching your dog and it thanks them for doing it. Overall, make sure that your dog, you, and whoever is watching your dog are happy with the arrangement and that you take care of everything you can so that your sitter is set up to take care of your dog.

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