While you would love to spend all your time each day with the Goldendoodle, this is not always possible. You still have a job to get done, errands to run, and other things that may take you away from the house, without the ability to take the dog with you. When these situations arise, you need to leave the dog at home. But will the Goldendoodle do well when they are left home alone.

A Goldendoodle can be left at home alone. In fact, this dog breed does surprisingly well with being home alone, as long as they are given some toys and food during the time. You may need to work with them for some training ahead of time to avoid issues like separation anxiety, but most Goldendoodles do a great job when left at home. Thanks to their laid back nature, they can handle being at home better than most other dogs.

Let’s take a closer look at the Goldendoodle to learn more about why they do so well when they are left at home compared to other dogs.

Can a Goldendoodle Be Left Alone?

Your Goldendoodle can be left alone for short amounts of time. Compared to a lot of other breeds who struggle when alone, the Goldendoodle is a great dog who is able to stay home and does pretty well.

A few will have separation anxiety so you may need to work through this a little bit ahead of time. But for most dogs from this breed, they will do quite well with being left at home alone when you need to go get stuff done.

There are a few things to consider before you leave the Goldendoodle home alone. First, consider how to train them. You should not spend all day everyday with them and then leave them home for ten hours all of a sudden. Get the dog used to being alone slowly so it is not a big surprise.

This can help them get used to the idea while preventing issues with separation anxiety. Even short bursts for errands can get you out of the house while getting your dog used to the idea of being alone. Then gradually leave them alone for a little longer or have someone stop by to check on them during the day.

Give your Goldendoodle all the items that they will need while you are gone. Consider what food, water and toys that you will need for them based on how long you plan to be gone.

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And when you get back home, consider spending some extra time and attention on the Goldendoodle, especially if they were alone for a long time. Take them on a good walk and play a few games to get that energy out.

How Long Can Goldendoodle Be Left Alone?

When you are talking about an adult Goldendoodle, they can be left at home and do pretty well. If you prepare them ahead of time and give them some training, they could do fine for up to nine hours at a time, as long as this is not something you do all the time.

They like to be close to their loved ones and have a lot of energy to wear out as well, so be prepared for a ball of energy when you walk in the door.

If you do leave your Goldendoodle home alone for a long time, you will find that they do a better job than some of the other breeds. They will need to be let out and you will most likely need to spend some time playing with them and taking them on a walk to get out all that energy.

It is always a good idea to train the Goldendoodle before you leave them alone at all. Without the proper training, they may run into issues from curiosity, boredom, anxiety, and stress. Some Goldendoodles will suffer from separation anxiety if they are alone too often. Short bursts of being home alone will not bother them though.

The reason that the Goldendoodle can do so well on their own, though they would much rather spend their time with their owners and getting attention, is because they have a personality that is low-key and pretty easy to get along with.

While they may not be as thrilled about the situation, they are pretty laid back and will relax a bit if you need to leave them at home, as long as you train them how to behave ahead of time.

Should I Leave My Goldendoodle Home Alone?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to leaving your dog at home alone, no matter what type of breed they are. Certain breeds are more prone to having separation issues, stress, and anxiety, and this can make it harder to keep them home alone.

Sometimes the Goldendoodle can have some of these issues as well and it is not uncommon for them to have separation issues if they are not managed.

The personality of your Goldendoodle will determine whether you are able to leave them at home. Some of the things you should consider when determining whether the dog can stay at home alone or not includes:

  • Are they curious? This can cause them to get into things that they shouldn’t.
  • Do they get bored easily? They will get into things and find ways to entertain themselves.
  • How do they handle it when you leave them in a room or somewhere that is close to you.
  • Are they destructive at all?

These and other questions will help you learn more about the personality of the dog and from there you can make a decision on whether the dog can be left alone at all.

Age is another factor that you need to consider when it is time to leave the Goldendoodle home alone. Puppies have a lot of needs and you do not want to leave them home alone all that often.

Goldendoodles can do fine with being left alone, but you do not want to do this when they are young. A dog who is considered a senior can run into trouble as well. Those with injuries or illness should have someone there too.

The type of environment in your home will play a big role in whether you can leave the Goldendoodle at home or not. The home where they will spend the day needs to be both safe and healthy for them to live in while you are gone, especially if you plan to leave them there alone for a long time.

What Type of Planning Should I Do to Leave the Goldendoodle at Home?

If you have determined that your Goldendoodle will be fine at home, there are a few things that you need to do ahead of time. First, make sure that the house is healthy and safe.

Look around the home and see if there are items that need to be put up high or removed so the dog will not get into them. If necessary, limit where the dog can go so they are less likely to get hurt.

You need to control the temperature of the home as well. You never want the dog to get too hot or too cold. Give them a place that is comfortable and safe to lay and rest with plenty of room to move around if you do not plan to keep them in the crate.

Keep enough food, water, and some toys around so they are able to entertain themselves while you are gone.

Depending on your dog, you may want to consider leaving the television on when you are gone. This can create some noise and may help the Goldendoodle to not feel lonely. If they are going to be alone during the night, leave a soft light on to help soothe them.

Can A Goldendoodle Be Left Alone?

Any time you plan to leave your dog for more than a few hours, then it is a good idea to have someone check on them during that time. This helps the Goldendoodle to stay healthy and can prevent them from getting bored or lonely while they are at home. It is best to keep their time alone to a minimum as much as possible.

Taking Care of Your Goldendoodle While They are Home Alone

While it would be nice to stay home with the Goldendoodle all the time, this is not a reality for a lot of people. They have jobs to do along with a lot of errands and other things that take them out of the home.

The Goldendoodle is often laid back and easy to work with, so you can leave them at home without a lot of issues. Just make sure they have all of the supplies that they need before you do this and work through a little training ahead of time.

When you come back, give them lots of attention and take them for some time outside, including a nice walk.

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