So, how do you get matted hair off a dog without cutting it? You use a wet brush to get the top coat and then a rake tool to get out the deep matted hair.

In this video, I will show you an example of how I painlessly remove matted fur from our Goldendoodle Lexie.

She does not like having the groomer brush out her matted hair, but as you will see in this video, she barely notices I am working on her matted fur.

Here’s the how-to video for getting matted hair off of your dog without cutting it:

Want to know where you can buy these two brushes for removing matted fur? Keep reading and I will share with you where to get these brushes and more.


Most often, professional groomers will suggest a metal combo like this one. Amazon link

From my experience, these dog combs work great in the hands of a professional, but as a DIYer at home, it caused my Doodle to cry out when I tried to remove several small mats.

Using the metal comb made her not want to come near me when I had it in my hand.

As far as I am concerned, this brush is hands down the best brush for painlessly removing matted fur that I have ever seen!

#1 DE-MATTING comb

As I said, this is hands down the best way to remove matted fur without making your dog cry in pain. 

This is the de-matting comb I bought and recommend you try. I was really amazed at how cheap it was on Amazon. [Amazon Link]

Lexie, my Goldendoodle, is a bit of a wimp when it comes to grooming. She will whine just at the idea something may hurt. Once I purchased this de-matting comb, I can spend thirty minutes going through her fur and she will just sit there and let me work.

My favorite way to use this de-matting comb if it is just for routine maintenance is to get Lexie up on my lap. She will usually settle down and let me rake through her fur for five or six minutes. Much more than that and she will get restless and jump down. I take a 10 or 15-minute break and then come back for another session of raking through her fur.


There are several ways to use the de-matting comb. You can use it all over to remove small tangles before they become full-blown mats. However, may groomers may not recommend this because it could cause cut or break the ends of the fur. At least this is what some groomers have said.

From my experience and as a dog owner who just wants something easy that works and does not cause a lot of pain for my dog, I have not had any issues using this de-matting comb.

Here’s how I use this de-matting comb

In the photo above I am actually brushing against the grain of her fur. Typically I run with the fur. This is especially true if I know she has mats that need attention.

Then, once I find a mat, I will lift up and then gently work the comb front to back allowing the serrated blades to cut through the matted fur.

If the mat is really bad, I  will hold the mat with my fingers and put the blade of the comb at the base of the mat. Then pull the mat over the comb to be able to cut the entire mat out of the fur without removing surrounding fur.

Something I will use scissors, but I have found that scissors often take out healthy fur when the de-matting comb can get lower without getting the health fur.

#2 A slicker brush

After you get done removing mats with the de-matting comb many people might think I would suggest one of the metal combs… but I don’t. 

Why? My Goldendoodle just doesn’t like it when I use a metal comb. It still pulls her fur too much for her to let me use it enough to make a difference.

This is why my next go-to brush for removing mats is a slicker brush.

WHAT IS A slicker brush USED FOR?

A slicker brush is usually a rectangularly shaped brush that is used to remove loose fur and mats from dogs, cats and other pets that frequently get mats.

By itself, a slicker brush will mostly only take care of your dog’s topcoat, but it will remove loose undercoat fur that is sitting on your dog’s body that helps mats form. 

I am not brand loyal to any particular slicker brush. You can pick one up at Walmart, your local pet store, or you can simply order a slicker brush similar to this 4.5 Star Amazon bestseller. —  [Amazon Link]

Okay, the de-matting comb gets most mats out of our dogs fur. Then the slicker brush is used to remove loose undercoat and to smooth out the topcoat. It also may pull out any remaining parts of mats that we did not get out with the de-matting comb.

So what is the 3rd must have comb for preventing mats in a your dog’s fur?

#3 A WET brush

Do you know what a wet brush is? If you have daughters you probably do. A wet brush is this magical brush that detangles hair like nothing I have ever see! I am not exaggerating.

My daughters kept asking for us to buy then a wet brush. Once we finally got one for them, we completely see what all the hype is about. The brushes truly work as advertised.


It allows you to brush out tangles from hair or fur without it hurting. It looks and acts just like any other store bought brush, only it is different. I really do not know why or how it does it, but it does. It just works.

While a wet brush is marketed and sold for human use, this is the very best dog brush you can buy for daily brushing of your fur baby! I’m serious. Just buy one.

Wet brush may be the brand name, but there are a few others that work just the same that are less expensive.

My daughters and my Goldendoodle all use this version. It’s so inexpensive on Amazon it just wasn’t worth shopping around. [Amazon Link]


Preventing matted fur on your Goldendoodle or other breed dog that mats easily can become a full-time job, but don’t stress about it too much.

With the use of these three brushes you should be able to address most if not all mats your pup gets in its fur.

If there are mats you cannot fix yourself, that is why there are professional groomers. Even with the tips and techniques, I share above, we still get our Goldendoodle groomed every five weeks or so.

Bonus Tip

Need a little extra help getting out deeply embedded mats in your dog’s hair? Check out our Recommended Gear section where I share my magic DIY tangle remover formula. I find this works better than Cowboy Magic, and it makes your dog smell amazing! [Link To Article Here]

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