How Much Sleep Does A Goldendoodle Puppy Need? Do They Sleep A Lot?

How Much Sleep Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Need?

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy? Not much. But Goldendoodle puppies sleep so much that you might start to get concerned. That’s why I’ve found the most reputable sources to tell you how much sleep Goldendoodle puppies need.

Do Goldendoodle Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Do Goldendoodle puppies sleep a lot? Like all dog breeds, Goldendoodle puppies sleep 18-20 hours a day, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). They actually need all that sleep to grow properly.

When they’re awake, Goldendoodle puppies burn a ton of energy while bouncing around and exploring the world.

Growing takes a lot of energy too, so they need to sleep and conserve some energy for the proper development of their immune system, central nervous system, brain, and muscles.

Helping Your Goldendoodle Puppy Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes, puppies would rather play than sleep, so it’s your job to help your Goldendoodle puppy get the rest they need.  Here are some tips to help your puppy nap throughout the day:

  • Recognize overtired behavior. When your Goldendoodle puppy is clearly ready for a nap but would rather play, take them to their crate, bed, or another sleeping place. Don’t continue to play with them when you recognize that they’re getting sleepy.
  • Show them where to sleep. Puppies have a tendency to fall asleep anywhere, and that’s OK up to a point. However, bedtime will go smoother every night if you encourage your Goldendoodle puppy to always nap in their sleeping place, whether that’s a crate or a specific bed.
  • Don’t bother your puppy while they’re sleeping. Make sure everybody understands that they need to leave the puppy alone when they’re sleeping. Kids need to understand that they can’t wake the puppy up to play.
  • Follow a schedule. Plan naps into the day, like after walks and playtime. Goldendoodle puppies may need to nap every hour or so. Naps may range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Take them outside when they wake up. Always keep an eye on your Goldendoodle puppy while they’re sleeping. Take them out to go potty as soon as they wake up to help prevent accidents.

Tips for Bedtime

Bedtime can be tough for the whole family, especially the first few nights with your new Goldendoodle puppy.

However, it’s essential to create a good routine from the very first night. Here are some tips to help your puppy (and you) sleep better at night:

  • Start a routine. Your puppy should learn when it’s almost bedtime based on the nightly routine. Don’t give your puppy any food or treats within a few hours of bedtime. Play with them a lot, then take them to go potty right before it’s time for bed.
  • Make the crate inviting. Crate training is a crucial part of having a Goldendoodle puppy, and it needs to start from the very first night home. Instead of an expensive dog bed that will probably get chewed up, line the bottom of the crate with cheap towels or fleece blankets. If possible, include something soft that has the scent of your puppy’s mother or littermates on it. Keeping the crate inside your bedroom is best, so you can hear them whining, at least while your puppy is new and has a tiny bladder.
  • Keep their sleeping area dark and quiet. A cover on the crate can help keep light out. If you watch TV in bed and have the puppy in your room, keep the volume low. You want ideal conditions to help your puppy fall – and stay – asleep.
  • Be prepared to wake up. Small Goldendoodle puppies often can’t hold their tiny bladder for an entire night and may need a middle-of-the-night potty break. This is normal, and your puppy will eventually grow big enough to sleep through the night without a potty break.
  • Don’t give in. The first few nights may be difficult. Your Goldendoodle puppy may cry, whine, and bark to get out of the crate and join you in bed. However, it’s crucial that your puppy gets used to the crate and learns where to sleep from the first night in your home.
How Much Sleep Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Need? Do They Sleep a Lot?

Sample Sleep Schedule

Obviously, you will develop a routine that works best for you, your family, and your Goldendoodle puppy. However, here’s an example of what a daily puppy schedule with naps might look like:


  • Take the puppy outside as soon as they wake up.
  • Give them breakfast.
  • Take them outside to go potty right after eating.
  • Spend 30-60 minutes playing, walking, or socializing your Goldendoodle puppy.
  • Time for a nap.
  • Take your puppy outside as soon as they wake up.
  • Lunchtime.


  • Time for another potty break when your puppy finishes eating their lunch.
  • Up to an hour of playtime and exploring.
  • Naptime.
  • Another potty break as soon as the puppy wakes up.
  • More playtime.
  • Your puppy may need another nap, then another potty break.


  • Dinner time. Make sure to feed your puppy dinner several hours before bed.
  • After dinner, it is an excellent time for a long walk.
  • Playtime.
  • One last potty break, then time for bed.

How Much Sleep Is Too Much? When Should I Worry?

18-20 hours of sleep seems like a lot, and it’s natural to worry that something is wrong with your puppy when they sleep so much. As long as your Goldendoodle puppy is acting normal when they’re awake, there’s nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, lethargy can be a symptom that something is wrong. If your Goldendoodle puppy displays any other signs alongside sleeping excessively, you should call the vet right away.

Puppies can get very sick, very fast. Be on the lookout for any of these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • Sluggishness

More About Crate Training Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Some people think that keeping your dog in a crate all day is cruel. However, it’s still crucial that you teach your Goldendoodle puppy to be comfortable in a crate. Why?

Your Goldendoodle is likely to encounter a crate or kennel at some point in their life. That may be at the groomer, the vet, doggie daycare, or if you need to travel with them on a plane.

If you don’t get your puppy used to the crate now, they will have BIG problems down the road when they must spend time in a crate.

Dogs who are afraid of being in a kennel become a liability. They may try to escape and injure themselves in the process, ripping out nails or teeth.

Or, they may cower in the corner of the kennel and try to bite anybody who gets near them. Neither situation is good.

Goldendoodle puppies are sponges and soak up whatever lesson you want to teach them. Right now, you want to show your Goldendoodle puppy that a crate is a safe place where they can get comfortable and relax.

Encouraging or requiring your puppy to sleep in the crate reinforces the idea that it’s safe, not scary.

Crate training is also an excellent tool when you’re housetraining your puppy. Generally, dogs don’t want to make a mess in the same place they sleep, so keeping your Goldendoodle puppy in a crate when you can’t keep an eye on them can help them learn to control their bladder until you take them out.

Tips for Crate Training a Goldendoodle Puppy

Since crate training and sleeping puppies go hand in hand, now seems like the perfect opportunity to give you some tips from the Humane Society of the United States for crate training your Goldendoodle puppy:

  • Never use the crate as a punishment. Your puppy will grow to fear it.
  • Don’t leave your puppy in the crate too long (when they’re awake). That can cause depression and anxiety.
  • Take your puppy out of the crate every few hours to go potty.
  • Once your Goldendoodle puppy is potty trained, used to the crate, and can be trusted not to chew anything up, stop locking them in the crate. Let them go in and out voluntarily.
  • Encourage your puppy to go into the crate voluntarily with the use of treats and verbal praise.
  • Feed your Goldendoodle puppy in the crate, so they become more comfortable with it.
  • Only leave your puppy in the crate for short time periods of time while they get used to it.
  • Try to make sure your puppy is comfortable staying in their crate for up to 30 minutes while you’re still home before you start leaving the puppy home alone in the crate.

Closing Thoughts

It definitely seems like a lot, but it’s perfectly normal for Goldendoodle puppies to sleep 18-20 hours a day. There’s no need to worry about your puppy unless they’re showing other symptoms of illness.

Your puppy will gradually sleep less as they get older, although even adult dogs sleep an average of 14 hours a day. A napping dog usually isn’t cause for concern, even if it is a hyperactive Goldendoodle puppy.

How Much Sleep Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Need? Do They Sleep a Lot?

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