If you are wondering why your Goldendoodle is so crazy and why it has so much energy every single day, then you have come to the right place. There is no question that this breed is energetic, which sometimes makes them more likely to get into trouble and make a nuisance of themselves. However, there are reasons for their behavior that you should take into account, which will help calm your doodle down.

Goldendoodles are hyperactive due to their innate energetic temperament. In addition, Goldendoodles are intelligent and may associate being hyper with receiving attention, which therefore increases their excitable personality. With an additional amount of exercise, their hyperactivity can be calmed.

As you can see, it is common for doodles to be energized and overly active, but there are also ways to reduce this behavior as much as possible. By training, stimulation, and exercise, you may find yourself with an entirely different dog, one you never would have imagined possible. To learn more about crazy Goldendoodles, continue reading below.

Are All Goldendoodles Crazy?

Why Are Goldendoodles So Crazy? 1

Many Goldendoodles can be described as crazy. They are energetic and spirited, having an obvious love for life. They are oftentimes bouncing off the walls, trying to get anyone they can to play with them.

They are rarely relaxed, and many owners wonder when they have time to sleep with all that playing. It is one of the reasons why people fall in love with them, given their funloving personality, however, it can also be difficult to deal with at times. Goldendoodles have constant energy, which can make it nearly impossible to keep up with them.

While it is common for Goldendoodles to be crazy, they do not all share the same spirited personality. Many Goldendoodles can actually be described as calm, which many doodle owners would be shocked about. These calm doodles are not hard to come by, as many are quite relaxed. However, unless you are adopting an older doodle, it is difficult to tell which ones are going to be hyper, and which ones are going to be calm.

In the book Goldendoodle, by Kathryn Lee, she mentions how it is difficult to decide which doodle puppies are going to be the relaxed ones. Many owners have difficulty taking care of puppies, as they are already high maintenance, and so they do not want one that is overactive as well. She said that a Goldendoodle before the age of eight weeks will likely change in terms of temperament, so it is impractical to try and get the calmest puppy from the litter, as this calm puppy may become energetic with age.

Why Goldendoodles Are Hyper

Now that you know that not all Goldendoodles are hyper, you may be wondering why yours is. The truth is, there are many different reasons why your doodle may be more active than the usual dog. The reason may be your fault, but sometimes it has nothing to do with the owner at all, and it is just the dog’s personality. Keep on reading to learn why some doodles are hyperactive.

Why Are Goldendoodles So Crazy? 2


The first reason why your Goldendoodle may be crazy is because of its age. Oftentimes, doodle puppies have more pent-up energy compared to older ones. No matter the breed, younger puppies are going to be energetic and even hyperactive at times. While it may be difficult to deal with and seem overbearing, it is all a part of this stage in their life.


The second reason why your Goldendoodle may be crazy is because they know they can get more attention this way. Goldendoodles are highly intelligent animals. They are a mix between the golden retriever and the poodle, both of which have high amounts of intellect. They are able to pick up on things that other dogs may not be able to, and they may start to associate their mischievous behavior with an increased amount of attention from their owner.


The third reason why your Goldendoodle may be crazy is because of its temperament. Doodles are naturally more energetic than many other breeds, which makes their crazy personality a given. Being half golden retriever, it is no wonder that they have a spirited personality. There is nothing that can be done to change their temperament, however, there are ways to reduce the amount of mischief they get into because of their personality.

How to Relax a Goldendoodle

Thankfully, there are ways to calm a Goldendoodle down. They can be relaxed, even if it may not seem possible at the moment. Below are the three most common ways of calming a doodle down:

Why Are Goldendoodles So Crazy? 3


The first way to relax a crazy Goldendoodle is to increase the amount of exercise it receives. A Goldendoodle needs a minimum of two hours of exercise daily, however, they enjoy getting even more.

A doodle needs more than just a daily morning walk. They need to be active throughout the duration of the day, getting ample amounts of movement. Depending on the age and temperament of your dog, you may need to take your doodle on multiple walks throughout the day.


The second way to relax a crazy Goldendoodle is to provide it with enough stimulation. Goldendoodles can get bored easily, due to their high intelligence and hyper personality. This means that they need stimulation often. Whether it be through socialization or purposeful playtime, your doodle will appreciate it. If your doodle starts to run out of new stimulants, you may notice that they get themselves into trouble or even become lethargic. This can be easily fixed, however, by working on a new trick or purchasing new toys.


The third way to relax a crazy Goldendoodle is to train them. Training is pivotal for any dog, and the doodle is no exception. In order to combat their sometimes fanaticism, the owner needs to teach them appropriate behavior. This is most easily done through rewarding their good behavior. By praising them when they do something right, they will increase the number of times they repeat the desired action.

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